Resolved: The Medical Campus VPN (VPN.BUMC.BU.EDU) was Unavailable

The Medical Campus VPN (VPN.BUMC.BU.EDU) was unavailable….

Resolved: Internet Service is Currently Unavailable at 43 Hawes St in Brookline

Internet Service was unavailable at 43 Hawes St in Brookline…

Resolved: Ariba ordering

The vendor (SAP) resolved the issue….

Resolved: BUMC website is available again is working again. The cause of this incident was determined to be a DNS change….

Patch now: Apple has released security updates fix vulnerabilities

Apple has released emergency security updates to fix vulnerabilities exploited by attackers in an effort to hack iPhones, iPads, or Macs. As such, we are issuing this advisory to call this to your attention and asking you to update your devices now. IMPACT   The two vulnerabilities (CVE-2022-32894 & CVE-2022-32893) are the same for all three…

Zoom Sign-in Changes

Zoom is now protected by Duo Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) when logging on. This update is part of an ongoing effort to protect University assets and information. Here are a few points to help you with this change:  Logging into Zoom with Google or dedicated Zoom email addresses and passwords is no longer be permitted. You…

Resolved: Qualtrics is not allowing SSO sign-on. BU clients cannot access Qualtrics at this time.

Clients attempting to access BU Qualtrics ( were encountering an SSO timeout error after login….

Resolved: Email notification of voicemail messages are not being sent.

Email notification of voicemail messages are not being sent.