2012 June Patch Listing

See below for patches released Between 6/01/12 and 6/30/12 Please note: Not all of these patches will be applicable to every machine, but all are included for informational purposes. Apple Apple 2012-06-11 iTunes 10.6.3 for Mac (Update) Apple iTunes 10.6.3 for Windows (Update) (All Languages) Microsoft 890830 Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool x64 – June…

Resolved: Some BU web services are unavailable

Time of Resolution: 10:38am on 06/20/2012
Websites utilizing PHP applications were unavailable. Affected web services included: BU Alert, Calendar, Maps, Search, News CMS, Registration Manager, Parking Services, Survey Manager, Training Manager, and Directory….

CANCELLED: Host On-Demand Upgrade – Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Host On-Demand upgrade could not be completed successfully, so all changes were reversed and the service has been returned to version 10.0.1. We will post an update when the upgrade has been rescheduled.‬…

Resolved: BUworks WebGUI was unavailable

Time of Resolution: 08:39am on 06/15/2012

Clients were unable to access the WebGUI function from the BUworks Central portal. The error message stated that the “Service cannot be reached”.

IS&T teams have resolved the incident.

Resolved: The Links are unavailable

Time of Resolution: 01:45pm on 06/14/2012
The Links were unavailable to all clients.

Security Alert: LinkedIn and eHarmony Passwords Stolen

If you have a LinkedIn or eHarmony account, you need to change your password. LinkedIn has been hacked. 6.5 million password hashes have been stolen and hackers are feverishly working to crack those password hashes. It is estimated that over 60% of stolen passwords have already been cracked. 1.5 million decrypted passwords from eHarmony have…

From 6/11/2012- 6/14/2012 IS&T and Housing will perform an important upgrade to systems used for BU ID (Terrier) Card production and to the computer system that hosts meals, dining points, and Convenience Points.

From 6/11/2012- 6/14/2012 IS&T and Housing will perform an important upgrade to systems used for BU ID Terrier Cards….

Resolved: Clients may be prompted to log in when using Exchange via Outlook

Resolved: Clients may receive a log in prompt when using Exchange via Outlook…

Resolved: Host On-Demand (HOD) unavailable

Incident Discovery Time: 09:00am on 06/05/2012
Host On-Demand (HOD) is currently unavailable.