Video: Welcome to TechWeb

TechWeb is the new website for IS&T, replacing 23 old and disconnected sites. This short video (2:51) gives you a quick tour of this new site….

2,391,256 Fewer Sheets Printed

Between September 1, 2009 and November 30, 2009, 2,391,256 fewer sheets of paper were printed at IS&T facilities (Mugar Print Center and printers in residences) than were printed in 2008 over the same period. …

At Mugar, “a FitRec for the Mind”

BU Common@Mugar is a collaboration between BU Libraries and IS&T, providing a hub of study and interaction on campus….

CentOS 5.4 Update to BU Linux Monde

The porting and testing of the CentOS 5.4 software update to BU Linux Monde has been completed.  All the software packages have been placed in the updates areas and have been released to the general community. The update contains both security and bug fixes. With this new kernel comes a new feature – FUSE :…

Why BU Linux

The base number of packages for BU Linux is over 1200, the number that are specifically modified for the BU environment is over 500. (Note: this number includes packages requested by users ported from Fedora distributions.)  Each major update contains about 300 updated packages from CentOS and of these, about 50 need to be updated…