Photo of Mayank Varia, associate professor in the Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences, posing for a photo in front of a whiteboard filled with various equations. A middle-aged man stands in dark room and holds a white cell phone up. He, the phone, and the whiteboard background are lit up by light blue neon light.

Can WhatsApp Messages Be Secure and Encrypted—but Traceable at the Same Time?

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A vector illustration of a brain pixelating and dissolving from left to right
Alzheimer’s Disease

Could a Computer Diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia?


Working the Big Cases

Sci-fi looking illustration of a pair of lungs in a human body with a computer chip where the person's heart should be. The illustration is done in muted blue and purplish colors.

The Line Between Biology and Technology Has Blurred—There’s No Going Back