Resolved – Service Impacting Incident: Web login slow to load

Web login was very slow to load, sometimes failing to load, denying access to online resources. Full service has been restored….

Resolved: VPN on Apple OS X and iOS

Network Systems has rolled back a change that was implemented earlier this week and clients using OS X or iOS should now be able to use the native VPN support built into those operating systems….

It’s Move-in time!

We’re here to help you get connected and get started with BU’s computing resources. Learn more!

Resolved – Service Impacting Incident: BU Networks down

Boston University networks experienced an outage this morning starting at 8:46 am. All online services were affected, including websites, email, BUWorks, Blackboard and SMG Tools. Full service has been restored to all systems….

Free Webinar from Inside Higher Ed on Faculty and Technology – 9/12 at 2:00

Inside Higher Ed is offering a free webinar on Faculty Attitudes on Technology…

Upcoming NERCOMP Instructional Design Symposium

The symposium will present instructional support models from three very different types of institutions. Each presentation will elaborate how the model works in the context of their institution’s organization, culture, and academic programs. For a full schedule and registration information, please visit the NERCOMP website….

New version of the VPN client – will update automatically on Aug 27

On August 27, 2013, IS&T will release an upgrade of the Cisco AnyConnect VPN clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux. After August 27, any login to the VPN ( will automatically upgrade to the new version…

Resolved: Quest AppPortal and OnBase are intermittently unavailable

OnBase is currently unavailable.

Resolved: Quest AppPortal unavailable

Quest AppPortal is now available.

New wireless certificate – Friday, Aug 9 – please Accept, Continue, Connect or similar

The BU wireless network, specifically the BU (802.1X) network, uses a certificate to authenticate your access; that certificate was renewed today, Friday, August 9…