NSTAR Power outages between 1AM and 1PM June 1st.

Impacted Buildings are below:
Duration Outages:

560, 580, 602, 626, 640 Comm Ave.
2, 36 , 38, 42, 44, 48, 52 Cummington St.

Momentary Outages:
213, 225, 226, 232, 233, 236, 264, 270 Bay State Rd.
533, 645, 665, 675, 704, 708, 710, 712, 714, 718,722A, 728, 763, 775, Commonwealth Ave.
68-70, 72-80, 100, 111 Cummington St.
103 Welles…

2013 May Patch Listing

See below for security related patches released Between 05/01/13 and 05/30/13 Please note: Not all of these patches will be applicable to every machine, but all are included for informational purposes. Apple Apple 2013-05-16 iTunes 11.0.3 for Mac (Update) (See Notes) (Rev 2) Apple iTunes 11.0.3 for Windows (Update) (All Languages) (See Notes) (Rev 2)…

WordPress Infrastructure Improvements

On Sunday, June 16, IS&T will complete transition of the BU WordPress Content Management System (CMS) to a new technical infrastructure. More than a year of work and preparation has gone into this project, and BU web publishers will benefit from improved reliability, stability, and scalability of BU WordPress….

Resolved: POS Systems on campus are currently not able to accept credit cards

Credit card transactions will not be accepted at Campus locations….

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TechWeb’s navigation has changed but the information is the same! Explore the new menus or Search TechWeb on key words and phrases, just as you did before…

Congratulations graduates!

Spring 2013 computer bulk buy initiative for departments

Information Services & Technology, in cooperation with Sourcing & Procurement, is pleased to announce the Spring 2013 computer bulk buy initiative. When you participate in these bulk purchases and leverage the buying power of the entire University, your department saves on its notebook and desktop purchases from Apple and Lenovo….

Never respond to email requests for your password

Just a reminder that you should never respond to email requests for personal information, no matter how legitimate the message looks. Boston University will never contact you to ask for your password! …

Resolved: Blackboard is unavailable

Incident Discovery Time: 11:10am on 05/07/2013 Time of Resolution: 12:19pm on 05/07/2013 Services Impacted: Blackboard Learn Description of Impact Blackboard was unavailable. Incident Description and Resolution IS&T teams have resolved the incident. Additional Information Diagnostic data was captured and provided to the vendor. If you continue to have issues, please contact the IT Help Center….

Resolved – Service Impacting Incident: Directory Services degraded

Incident Discovery Time: 08:30am on 05/03/2013 Time of Resolution: 10:28am on 05/03/2013 Services Impacted: BU Directory Description of Impact Directory service was degraded affecting a number of services including email, account set ups, the BU Calendar, BU blogs as well as MyPrint. Incident Description and Resolution IS&T teams have resolved the incident. If you continue…