IT Help Center @ Mugar closed 12/27

Mugar Library and the IT Help Center @ Mugar are closed Monday, December 27th, due to weather conditions.

Resolved – Service-impacting Incident – Microsoft Exchange web access via

Service is unavailable to some clients; “503 Service Unavailable” errors. Exchange is still available via the Outlook client….

Resolved – Service-impacting Incident – MyPrint, MyFiles, Exchange Public Folders, and Virtual Server Hosting

A piece of networking equipment used to support the listed IS&T services is degraded and caused an impact on disk performance. Access to these virtual services will appear to be sluggish….

Resolved – Service-impacting Incident – Search feature of website

Resolution time: 8:25PM Search feature of website has been restored. *** previous update *** Start Time: 04:00pm on 12/15/2010 Services Impacted: Search feature of website Description of Impact Search feature on is currently not available. Current Status Cause is believed to be related to 4PM power outage at 881 Commonwealth Ave. IS&T…

Resolved – Service-impacting Incident – Blackboard 8

Resolution time: 8:25PM Blackboard service was restored to normal operation. *** previous updates *** Start Time: 5:13 pm Last Update: 6:45 pm Services Impacted: Blackboard 8 services Description of Impact: is unavailable Current Status: IS&T is continuing to restore Blackboard services. Current projected time for service restoration is 9 PM. Next Update: Once the…

Resolved – Service-impacting Incident – Mainframe service currently unavailable

Network Systems and Engineering monitors detected the loss of network connectivity on all switches located on one rack within the 881 Commonwealth Ave. computer room…

Resolved – Service-degrading Incident – Blackboard 8

Resolution time: 2010/12/13 05:35 PM

Blackboard 8 service has been restored to normal operation….