Resolved: Network File Storage service degraded

also known as Shared Drive, Home Drive, or S: Drive…

Resolved: Thin Client labs unavailable

Thin Clients have begun to become available at a number of locations….

Resolved: Wired Network unavailable at multiple locations on campus

IS&T teams have resolved the incident….

Firefox & Previous Salary Statements

Update 12/13/2015:  The problem with Firefox being unable to display any but your most recent salary statement has been resolved with our most recent SAP software update.  Both Firefox ESR 38 and IE 11 Compatibility Mode will now display back salary statements as well as your current statement.

BUworks Browser Recommendations

For best results, we now support Firefox version 45 ESR or IE 11 in Compatibility Mode (requires Windows 7 or higher). To download Firefox 45 ESR, use this link. Be sure to choose the correct download for your system. To set Compatibility Mode for IE 10 or 11 use this link to see the Adobe document which…

Upload/Download Problem with Firefox ESR 38.4

The latest security patch delivered by Firefox (ESR 38.4) has caused problems with Oracle’s Java applets which SAP relies on for several upload and download processes in the web gui. Both Oracle and Mozilla are working to correct this issue. If you have not downloaded this patch level in Firefox yet, please do not do…

2015 November Patch List

See below for security related patches released Between 11/01/15 and 11/30/15 Please note: Not all of these patches will be applicable to every machine, but all are included for informational purposes. Adobe APSB15-28 Adobe Flash Player for Mac OS X APSB15-28 Adobe Flash Player for Windows APSB15-28 Adobe AIR for Windows APSB15-28…