Photo: A picture of Earth surrounded by many stars with a magnified version of the same image in a circle at the bottom right

The Solar System May Have Passed through Dense Interstellar Cloud 2 Million Years Ago, Altering Earth’s Climate

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Photo: Headshot of a woman with dark hair wearing a black suit jacket and smiling
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Opening Doors: Rhonda Harrison (ENG’98,’04, GRS’04)

Photo: A composite image of four different photos of Jacques Pepin whipping up some pancakes. He wears a navy polo shirt in his kitchen. From left to right, he smiles for the photo, he stirs a mixture in a bowl, Pepin throws a dash of an ingredients in the bowl, and lastly, Pepin poses for the camera with his apron, while the food cooks on the pan.

In the Kitchen with Jacques Pépin

Photo: Two college students in front of a red background smile and hold their hands under their chins
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Psychology vs Sociology: What’s the Difference between the Majors?