Photo: A flatlay of the iLet Bionic Pancreas, a bionic pancreas approved at the FDA. The device is a black box with a wire attached with two additional attachments

FDA Clears Bionic Pancreas Developed in BU Lab for People with Type 1 Diabetes

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Photo: Dr. Bokulich, a white woman with long, dark brown hair and wearing a long black dress with long sleeves, poses in her cozy office. A tall warm-light lamp lights the room as Bokulich stands and poses next to a floral armchair and in front of a small, filled bookcase.
Philosophy of Geoscience

Are We Really in a Sixth Mass Extinction?

Photo: Elementary students are shown working with a teacher in library. A few small students look on as a teacher bends over them and points something out to them in a book on the table. Small bookcases can be seen behind them.

How to Help Kids Become Better Readers

Photo: Tess Pollins, a white woman with short hair, with some of “her kids”, young black school children from Tanzania’s Chakuwama Orphanage, the beneficiary of her nonprofit. Photo courtesy of Tess Pollins

Meet the CGS Alum Who Started a Nonprofit to Help Orphans in Tanzania