Collage: Bottom of images features headshots from left to right of: COM Associate Dean Michelle Sullivan, Craig Andrade, Pedro Falci, Chief Health Officer and Executive Director of Student Health Services (SHS) Dr. Judy Platt, Newbury Center’s Maria Erb, and Professor Constance Brown. Graduation imagery is strewn around image of: Graduation caps thrown in the air, a calculator that reads "tax", a torn piece of paper that reads "courage", a yellow sign that reads "breathe" an Apple laptop, and a red "adulting" stamp.

Advice to the Class of 2022: “Live Fearlessly”

For this important life milestone, the BU community sends grads off with words of support and encouragement

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Photo of Neytra, a young Indian American woman with light brown skin and long brown, highlighted hair. She wears a green sweater and holds a spatula in her right hand. Behind her, you can see two black pots on a stove and a kitchen backsplash. At the top left of the photo is an image of the dish she cooked: curry made with red kidney beans and pureed tomatoes and flavored with spices like cloves, tumeric, and cinnamon with a side of roti. White play button is overlaid.
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[Video] How to Make Rajma

Photo of Lead researcher Manish Bais. A South Asian man wearing a blue collared shirt, blue tie, and white medical coat, sits in a chair in a research lab. He is turned and smiling towards the camera and sits in front of a large microscope.
Oral Cancer

Could Blocking or Deleting a Protein Help Prevent Common Oral Cancers?

Image of BU Earth and environment researchers Catherine Mahoney, and Amanda Vieillard at Belle Isle Marsh Reservation in Boston, Mass. The women crouch in the yellow grass and set up portable carbon sensors. The Boston City Skyline is seen behind them.
Blue Carbon

Empowering Citizen Scientists to Study and Protect Coastal Wetlands