Delivery Drones and Rotor-Powered Rideshares Sound Great—and Noisy

BU researchers with NASA funding will lead a multimillion-dollar, multi-institution project to help develop quieter vertical lift air vehicles

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A photo showing the curvature of the earth from the International Space Station. Photo by NASA via Unsplash

Astronomy Class Ponders Life Beyond Earth

Photo: Young American football player in the running back position and wearing a black and white uniform is shown breaking away from an attempted tackle from another young player wearing a blue and white uniform. A third young player is shown in the same blue and white uniform to the right running alongside them.

New BU Study Finds Tackle Football at Young Age Raises Risk for Brain Decline Later

Photo: Zoomed in macro shot of brown ants on a green leaf in front of a bright white background.

BU’s “Ant Man” Studies Ant Brains