Photo of Mayank Varia, associate professor in the Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences, posing for a photo in front of a whiteboard filled with various equations. A middle-aged man stands in dark room and holds a white cell phone up. He, the phone, and the whiteboard background are lit up by light blue neon light.

Can WhatsApp Messages Be Secure and Encrypted—but Traceable at the Same Time?

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Photo of Marc Kornblueth, a Boston University College of Arts & Sciences post doc researcher, in his office. A white man with reddish brown short curly hair and short beard, sits on the edge of his desk. He wears a green and white plaid shirt and faded blue jeans as he poses and smiles for the camera.
Campus Life

Office Artifacts: Marc Kornbleuth

A vector image of an older man experiencing dementia, with a caretaker by his side. The illustration is simple vector art with solid colors.
Diagnosing Dementia

Two Technologies That Can Make Diagnosing Dementia Easier for Doctors and Patients

John M. Marston sits and smiles at the camera in a blue collared shirt. There is a wooden desk and bookcase nearby.
Maya Archaeology

What Ancient Toilets Can Teach Us about Maya Life—and Tamales