Photo: Three young women hold up puppets on their right hand and smile into the camera. From left, she has short brown hair and wears a monochromatic tan outfit. In the middle, a white woman with long brown hair and a stripped shirt. On the right, a Black woman with shoulder length straight hair. She wears an all black outfit.

Communicating Science and Research—through Puppets

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Overhead shot of the indoor track at the BU Track and Tennis Center. The shot shows bustling activity during the annual David Hemery Valentine Invitational, as runners are shown racing on the track, pole vaulters and high jumpers are on the green infield, and people spectate in the stands.
Track and Tennis Center

Video: The Mystery behind BU’s Record-Breaking Indoor Track

Photo: Vicky Plasencia looks into the camera and gives a small smile. Behind her is a large window looking out onto BU's campus.

New Terrier-Run Podcast Aims to Be a Resource for First-Gen Latina Students

Stock photo of long blades of grass and tall weeds at the edge of the field as the sun sets. Dandelion fuzz and pollen can be seen in the air.
Seasonal Allergies

No, You’re Not Imagining It: Seasonal Allergies Are Getting Worse