Sci-fi looking illustration of a pair of lungs in a human body with a computer chip where the person's heart should be. The illustration is done in muted blue and purplish colors.

The Line Between Biology and Technology Has Blurred—There’s No Going Back

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Photograph of the constellation Taurus made by the avid astrophotographer Akira Fujii. In the photo, tiny white dots, stars, fill the image, with a brighter, reddish dot towards the bottom right, which is Taurus.
Space Science

Seeing through the Fog—Pinpointing Young Stars and Their Protoplanetary Disks

Allyson Imbacuan (CAS '23) gives a thorough tour of Warren Towers and shows what the large residence has to offer. Here she wears a leather jacket in front of Warren Towers in Boston MA. Photo by Cydney Scott for Boston University Photography.
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Video: A Tour of Warren Towers

Taking the Lead in Solar Energy