Photo: Three young women hold up puppets on their right hand and smile into the camera. From left, she has short brown hair and wears a monochromatic tan outfit. In the middle, a white woman with long brown hair and a stripped shirt. On the right, a Black woman with shoulder length straight hair. She wears an all black outfit.

Communicating Science and Research—through Puppets

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Photo: A doctor explains the Mammogram Procedure to a Topless Medium-skin toned Patient with Curly Hair Undergoing Mammography Scan.
Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Screenings Should Now Begin at Age 40

Photo: A trans couple laugh and looks at each other lovingly in the golden hour of sunlight. They lounge on a blanket in a park.

The Science of Attraction: Why Do We Fall for Certain People?

Photo: Boston University SAR Assistant Professor of Nutrition Maura Walker, a white woman wearing a red shirt and black cardigan, poses for a photo at Bazaar Supermarket in Cambridge on May 5, 2023. She is doing cutting-edge nutrition research on topics including the gut microbiome, precision nutrition, and nutrigenomics. Photo by Jackie Ricciardi for Boston University

Secrets of the Microbiome