photo of Randall skiing in a place called Echo Glacier. She is between a glacier and a mountain, where the ice has melted around the sides.

This undergraduate lived on the Alaskan ice to research glacial melting

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Photo of Executive Director of Downtown Framingham, Inc. Anthony Lucivero talking with Sargent College lecturer, Kaytlin Eldred, MPH as they tour downtown Framingham on November 17, 2021. Lucivero wears a black jacket and Eldred wears a pink jacket.

A Hands-on Class on Homelessness

Kari Lavalli stands in her CGS office at Boston University
Campus Life

Office Artifacts: Kari Lavalli

photo of a car crash. Angle is low, showing shattered glass on the road as a blurry background shows a fender bender during the day.
Cannabis and Drunk Driving

Deadly Car Accidents Involving Cannabis and Alcohol Have Doubled in 20 Years