Image: AI generated image shows four students sitting and working on laptops. Behind them various images of large work buildings, greenery, and AI "people" are shown giving the image a feel of "tech space".

How Will Generative AI Impact My Field of Study?

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Photo: Black and white close up shot of an older, Black women's hands resting on a blanket.
Black Women’s Health

Racism, Sexism, and the Crisis of Black Women’s Health

Photo: In the foreground, a young woman wearing a colorful sweater and taking notes in a notebook looks to her left towards a comedian on stage, telling jokes under a spotlight to a small audience in front of them.

How Comedians in Turkey Are Pushing Boundaries

Photo: Two white young women in casual wear smile and pose for the camera in front of a bright red background. They sit at a small, round wooden table with a small pile of red cards on it.
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Advertising vs Marketing: What’s the Difference between the Majors?