From left, Oliver McRae, James "Jacy" Bird, an ENG associate professor and Lena Dubitsky have been studying what bubbles can teach us about how microplastics, viruses, and bacteria aerosolize. Bird just put out a paper on his findings. The team worked in the lab, Wednesday, February 15, 2023. Photo by Jake Belcher

New Bubble Popping Theory Could Help Track Ocean Pollution and Viruses

BU engineers find why some particles—like microplastics—get concentrated and aerosolized by bursting bubbles, while others don’t

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Photo: Elementary students are shown working with a teacher in library. A few small students look on as a teacher bends over them and points something out to them in a book on the table. Small bookcases can be seen behind them.

How to Help Kids Become Better Readers

Photo: Kathya Correa Almanza (CAS’25), vice president of Alianza Latina, sits and poses on the floor of a brightly sunlit hallway. A young, Latina woman wearing a pink, orange, and white long-sleeved floral shirt and jeans, poses with one leg bent and arm resting on knee as she smiles for the camera.
Student Life

Terriers in Charge: Kathya Correa Almanza (CAS’25)

Photo: Young American football player in the running back position and wearing a black and white uniform is shown breaking away from an attempted tackle from another young player wearing a blue and white uniform. A third young player is shown in the same blue and white uniform to the right running alongside them.

New BU Study Finds Tackle Football at Young Age Raises Risk for Brain Decline Later