Photo: Three young women hold up puppets on their right hand and smile into the camera. From left, she has short brown hair and wears a monochromatic tan outfit. In the middle, a white woman with long brown hair and a stripped shirt. On the right, a Black woman with shoulder length straight hair. She wears an all black outfit.

Communicating Science and Research—through Puppets

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Photo: Iceland’s Fagradalsfjall volcano erupts in the background as Peter Schroedl, a person wearing black clothes, a face mask, orange neon vest collects specimens from volcanic rocks in the foreground.

What Microbes Can Tell Us about Life on Earth and in Space

Photo: Image of ThorLabs equipment and technology with a video-player arrow overlay. On the picture itself there are black and silver equipment, cylinder and and tall. The one in the middle has a yellow light on top and it is semi transparent.
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Video: Behind the Scenes at BU’s Photonics Center

Photo: Brianna Bourne. a Black young woman with a kinky curly twist out smiles as she holds up a Jamaican flag. She wears a light blue hooded sweatshirt and tan pants as she holds up the flag behind her.
Terriers in Charge

Terriers in Charge: Brianna Bourne (CAS’24)