Photo: A sea of confetti over a large crowd of graduates in red gowns at the 2024 Boston University Commencement

Congratulations, Class of 2024

Composite image of a student sitting on a bench, and the same student standing with a friend in their graduation gowns
Commencement 2024

From Masks to Mortarboards: Class of 2024 Reflects on a Unique Four Years

Composite image of multiple people of varying ethnicities, gender, and style of dress, giving advice to graduating seniors. The people can be seen speaking in each photo.
Commencement 2024

Advice to the Class of 2024: “Say Thank You”

Photo: A composite image of three professors from Boston University. On the left is a woman smiling while wearing glasses and pearl earrings in addition to a suit with a blouse under. In the middle is a man smiling in a pullover sweater with buttons and a blue button up shirt under. On the right is a woman in a gray suit smiling at the camera.
Commencement 2024

Introducing the Winners of the 2024 Metcalf Awards, BU’s Top Teaching Honors