Photo: The BU Girls' Skateboarding Club poses for a photo along the BU Beach, an outdoor area where BU students can relax and unwind outside.

Skateboarding with BU Girls Skate

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Photo: Group photo of five men sitting and standing. They all hold guitars. From left: Nathaniel Braddock, Brian Barrone, Kumera Zekarias, Erik Broess, and Lance Morrison.

The Guitar Playing Scholars Making their Mark at the School of Music

Image: Creative collage features headshot of Joseph Rezek, a white mamn with short curly hair and wearing a light blue colalred shirt and black blazer, old manuscripts of "Moby Dick" and "The Whale" and stacks of older books all on a brown background.
Book History

Video: Why the UK and US have Different Titles for the same Book

Photo: Abdulrazak Gurnah , winner of the 2021 Nobel prize in literature, speaks with Professor Muhammad Zaman (left) and Professor Carrie Preston as part of a two-day BU visit under the auspices of the Center on Forced Displacement and Kilachand at Morse Auditorium. Three people sit in formal attire and appear to be discussing an important topic around a small table
Forced Displacement

Fruitful First Year for Center on Forced Displacement