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Annual Report 2022
Flashing red and blue lights from a police car in the background illuminate a yellow line of tape that reads "Police Line Do Not Cross". It is night time
Gun Violence

Gun Violence Surges Linked to Unseasonably Warm Days

Photo: Associate director of the Cognitive Neuroimaging Center Stephanie McMains (GRS’06), seated, with Arielle Moore (GMS’26) in the Cognitive Neuroimaging Center in CILSE Dec 1. A white woman sits in a chair gesticulating as she sits in front of a table in front of window that shows the fMRI room. A black woman wearing a blue face mask stands behind her listening attentively.
Life Sciences

Neurobiology Class Gets a Peek Inside a Volunteer’s Brain

Photo: A glass filled halfway with water on a clear white background.

Is Optimism the Secret to a Long Life?