Resolved: TutorTrac is back online.

Incident Discovery Time: 02:30pm on 01/19/2023 Time of Resolution: 06:26pm on 01/19/2023 Services Impacted: Server Infrastructure

Description of Impact

Issue: Database, no more room to save database. Ultimately this was an issue with the database that required Redrock to split and rebuild database segments and apply software updates.

Incident Description and Resolution

Recommendation from Vendor: Actions applied by vendor: Split / Rebuild DB segments, apply software/web updates.

Additional Information

Troubleshooting steps: Open Task Manager and stop TutorTrac service Launch TutorTrac.exe while service is stopped and observe any errors. Contact the Vendor: Database Flies location: C:TutorTracDatabase Look for any database segment files .4D* extension that are over 1.5GB in size as it will be necessary for the vendor to be contacted to conduct DB maintenance. If you continue to have issues, please contact the IT Help Center.

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