Resolved: Common Lab thin clients offline

Incident Discovery Time: 11:35am on 06/19/2019
Time of Resolution: 12:31pm on 06/19/2019
Services Impacted: Wired Network

Description of Impact

Common lab VDI clients were offline. Normal service has been restored.

Incident Description and Resolution

IS&T teams have resolved the incident.

Additional Information

The cause of this incident was determined to be an issue with a configuration during a change window.

If you continue to have issues, please contact the IT Help Center.

Previous Update

Incident Discovery Time: 11:35am on 06/19/2019

Services Impacted: Network Services

Description of Impact

All common lab VDI clients are currently offline and receiving internal (169.x.x.x) IP addresses.

Current Status

IS&T teams have not yet identified the cause of the incident, but are investigating.

Additional Information

There are no current workarounds for the issue; Desktop Engineering and Network Operations have been alerted.

Next Update: 12:52pm