Improvements to the BUworks BW reporting environment

The BUworks Business Warehouse (BW) team is working to make reporting better. Based on feedback from various stakeholders, we are making a series of changes to the BUworks BW reporting environment on Monday, April 7. These changes will make it easier to find reports and the data needed. We will do this in several ways: by removing obsolete reports, by reducing the number of reporting folders, and by making the most frequently used reports even better with requested variables and data.

For a list of project participants, a detailed list of enhancements, and a list of reports to be deleted, please see the Usability Project Details page. Here is a summary of the changes:

1. Make it easier to find the reports you want to use

  • Reorganize and streamline menus to reduce number of folders
  • Remove obsolete reports
  • Provide direct access to reports previously available only by drill down

2. Improve the most-used reports

  • Add requested fields to variable screens
  • Reconfigure default layouts to make them more useful
  • Add free characteristics to enable additional detail
  • Standardize variable screens, key figures, and characteristic names
  • Add hours worked to Labor Distribution Reports
  • Expand data on GM report to include P-Card data, administrator names, and other data

Please note, report use is something we have been tracking. If you have used one of the reports to be deleted in the past two months, you will receive an email message with suggestions of better reporting solutions to use instead.