OnBase Firefox browser compatibility warning

If you are using the Mozilla Firefox browser to access OnBase via a web client, this notice is important to you.

Please be aware that on or around December 15, Mozilla will be releasing a version of the Firefox browser, Firefox 24 ESR, that is incompatible with OnBase 11. As a result, IS&T recommends that you should prevent Firefox from installing automatic updates, using the instructions provided at www-staging.bu.edu/tech/browsers. This change is particularly necessary for those who use OnBase from a Mac, because there is no other OnBase compatible browser available.

If your version of Firefox has already updated, instructions are also provided at www-staging.bu.edu/tech/browsers for discovering your current installed version and downgrading to the previous recommended version.

Browsers and versions certified to work with OnBase 11 are listed at www-staging.bu.edu/tech/admin/document-management/onbase/clients/ so please ensure that you are using an appropriate browser and version for the OnBase web client.

Please note that Firefox 24 ESR and Internet Explorer 10 are recommended for use with BUworks but both are incompatible with OnBase 11, so those who use both OnBase and BUworks will need to do so with different browsers.

If you need assistance with the browser instructions, please contact the IT Help Center – 617–353-HELP (4357) or write to ithelp@bu.edu.