IS&T offers free access to the Quest vWorkspace AppPortal client. After you download and install this software client, you will have access to a number of software applications hosted on BU servers and will be able to use them just as if you had installed them locally on your own PC or Mac. The remote applications will integrate seamlessly with your own.

Some applications can be run only on computers on the BU campus network. In the Quest vWorkspace model the application runs on the BU server, while the AppPortal client provides you a full graphical connection to the application so it looks like the application is running on your own computer. You don’t need to purchase or install your own copy of the application. The application is centrally maintained on a BU server, so you don’t have to worry about updates and upgrading to new versions.


  • You gain anytime, anywhere access to remotely hosted applications from your own PC or Mac (access from BU Linux is coming soon).
  • We provide simple instructions for downloading, installing, and gaining quick and easy access to a variety of hosted applications.


  • Access to a computer running Microsoft Windows or an Intel-based Mac running OS X
  • A connection to the Internet
  • Administrator rights to install software on your local computer
  • A BU login name and Kerberos password
  • Your account must be granted access to the remote application you want to run

Getting Started

Follow the download and installation instructions for your computer: