Photo of Anna Valdez in a cheeta print tied crop top and black pants standing amidst the plants and canvases of her studio. One huge canvas is seen behind her on an easel. Each canvas is filed with paintings of plants and statues, and bright color.

Objects of Her Affection

Anna Valdez layers personal stories into lush, plant-filled paintings

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Photo of a right pubis bone of a dinosaur fossil.

BU Student Discovers a Yet-to-Be Named Dinosaur in China

A woman in all black workout gear squats as she wears a soft exosuit developed by researchers at Sargent that helps mobility and movement for people suffering from lower back pain, aiding them in activities such as heavy lifting. Behind her large blue industrial vats are seen.

Could a Robotic “Backpack” Replace Opioids to Relieve Lower Back Pain?

A photo of a fly on a leaf
Natural Sciences

Do Fruit Flies Hold Secrets to Treating Human Diseases?