Photo: Butternut squash manicotti topped with Brussels sprouts, pickled apple, and almonds is shown in a glass dish.

What’s for Thanksgiving? Try This Fall-Themed Manicotti with Squash and Brussels Sprouts

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Collage: Left photo shows a pile of raw food including slabs of meat and veggies. The right photo shows piles of dirt. The photos are split diagonally in the middle.

Video: Where Does BU’s Food Waste Go?

Photo of Chike Asuzu posing in a white room next to a large window. A Black person wearing a blue and white leopard-striped long-sleeved sweater leans forward on a yellow chair placed in front of them.
Arts & Culture

Terriers in Charge: Chike Asuzu (COM’23)

Image: Picture of a memory. Blue dots are positive memory cells, and the red dots are negative memory cells. Dots are shown in a pattern with veins. The memories shown here are located in the hippocampus of a mouse.
Memory Manipulation

Unlocking the Power of Our Emotional Memory