Like Many International Students, Cecilia Kwok Hasn’t Been Able to Go Home for Two Years

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photo of a person in a kendo stance, holding a long wooden stick, and wearing a navy uniform and black reflective chest protector. White triangle play button overlays image.
Club Sports

BU Kendo Association: Rookies, Vets Flock to the Sport for Its Action and Discipline

Image of a microfluidic device, a tiny circuit boards for analyzing liquids, running. a red, yellow, and blue liquid come together from 3 different to meet in the center and combine to create a new chemical that streams through a new tube in tiny droplets
Biological Engineering

Behind the Scenes at BU: Microfluidic Devices, Synthetic Biology’s Secret Weapon

Photo of Brianne Bourne, a first-generation college student. She has shoulder-length braids with brown beads, and smiles. She wears a black shirt and jeans. She stands along the green tracks, and the Prudential building is seen in the distant. Photo has a scarlet, sketchy treatment overlaid and the words "My First-Gen Story" are photoshopped behind her.

First-Generation College Student Story: Brianna Bourne