Using the Humanities to Improve Healthcare

BU Health Humanities Project looks at how studying poetry, history, and religion can help doctors better connect with patients—and reduce their own stress

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A photo of Dragon Man's skull

Is “Dragon Man” a Missing Link in Human Evolution?

Professor Andy Andres dangles a baseball stuck to his finger with Spider Tack adhesive, a commonly used sticky substance in Major League Baseball
Baseball Physics

The Science behind MLB’s Sticky Stuff Scandal [Video]

Photo of Daisy Figueroa (LAW’21) in a black t-shirt and jeans ripped at the knee standing if front of a larger mural with the virgin mary and graffiti painted all over it. The photo has been edited so Figueroa is in black and white and the mural is brightly colored.
Student Activism

Student Activism Today Is Leaving a Mark on Climate Change, Antiracism, Housing, and More