Photo of Vlogger Anna Malygin (Questrom'23), smiling, with her hand resting on a waist-high wall. She wears a bright red Boston University Sweatshirt, and has her hair down. Behind her, a blurred wall of CAS is seen, snow is on the ground.

How to Make Friends in College

Real Advice from BU Students

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Microscopic image of human lung cells infected with COVID-19 coronavirus
COVID-19 Research

How Coronavirus Damages Lung Cells within Mere Hours

Photo of Macken Murphy (CAS’20) sitting on a rock outside and staring of into the middle distance. He wears a black headband, black button down, and has a tattoo of an anchor on his left arm.
Environment & Ecology

Alum Creates a Different Species of Podcast

A portrait photo of Margarita Guillory
Africana Religion

From Secrecy to #WitchTok: How the Internet Is Demystifying Africana Religions