A portrait photo of Santiago Gomez standing with his arms crossed

Striking Out Racist Terminology in Engineering

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A photo of a spiral galaxy

Could the Distribution of Galaxies Reveal the Universe’s Invisible Web of Dark Matter?

On the left, the word "Criminalized" is written vertically, and then an Image created with a series of overlayed photos with red accents on a black background, is to the left, which is the cover of the Criminalized podcast. The images seen are a basketball hoop, a school bus, and someone in a Boston Police jacket. To the right, Photo of Sarika Ram (CAS’21) in a black shirt and pants in a podcast recording studio, presumably recording her podcast Criminalized. Sarika touches the mic as she speaks into it.
Student Podcast

Student’s Podcast Takes a Deep Dive into the Criminal Justice System

A portrait photo of Paul Francisco in his office.
Business & Economics

Working to Change the Way corporations Hire