photo of a blue-gloved hand holding a clear petri dish of yeasts. The white yeast lie in criss-crossed pattern and the hand adds a contrast to make it clearer to see them.

Five Studies Pushing the Limits of Science

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Photo of Sophie Lee (Questrom’22), wearing a light blue sweater and smiling, as she holds a teal bowl of Tteokbokki in front of her. Overlaid on the photo at the top left is a top-down view of the bowl of Tteokbokki, which has noodles, a reddish sauce and a soft-boiled egg.
Student Life

How to Make Tteokbokki

A theoretical image depicting a young star, the yellow ball in the center, eating up gas and dust particles of a protoplanetary disk, which is represented by green material surrounding the bright star. Colored lines represent the direction of the magnetic field that connects the star to the protoplanetary disk—blue represents the magnetic field moving toward Earth, red is moving away, and other colors represent directions in between.

What Can a Young Star Teach Us about the Birth of Our Planet, Sun, and Solar System?

Photo of David Delmar Senties, wearing a gray hat, and a black t-shirt, as he leans across a clear balcony with a silver railing.

Opening Doors: David Delmar Sentíes (CFA’06)