Photo of Deidra Somerville. A black woman with dreadlocks and glasses leans against a burnt yellow pillar and smiles for the camera. She wears a brown collared shirt and a yellow shawl with a Ghanaian adinkra pattern.

Making Psychedelic Therapy Accessible to Underserved Communities

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Photo of School of Public Health professor Madeleine Scammell leaning back against a black wired fence. A woman with curly brown hair, glasses, and a black button-down blouse poses for the camera.
Climate Change

Amid Climate Change, BU Researchers Study Chelsea’s “Heat Island”

BU student Henry Di—who goes by the stage name Enrique the Magician—performs magic tricks on TikTok. Here he performs a card trick for the camera
Social Media

Abracadabra! Student Magician Henry Di’s Rise to TikTok Stardom

Microscopic image of malignant melanoma in pink pigmented ulcer.
Cancer cells

Stopping Moles from Turning into the Deadliest Type of Skin Cancer