OnBase Upgrade Complete

The OnBase support and development team have successfully moved OnBase to a new, virtual server environment. This included the addition of load balancing and more processing power for both system redundancy and improved performance. Additionally, OnBase has been upgraded from version 11 to 13. The result of the OnBase modernization effort will be improved system availability and stability, improved performance, and the availability of the latest OnBase features.

The details of the cutover and what OnBase users in your area need to know:

  • Before resuming regular use of OnBase on Monday we recommend that key users in each area conduct a brief validation test of the production environment with a few documents and follow them closely through your processes to make sure everything is working well before letting everyone back in the pool.
  • Start using the new OnBase 13 clients to access OnBase.
    • New links to the OnBase web clients have been distributed via email directly to the key user and technical support folks in each area.
    • Change out the links on favorites, bookmarks and desktop icons to use the new links!
    • OnBase Active X Client installations have been updated and are ready to use with the new link.
    • OnBase Outlook clients have been updated on your desktop.
    • Thick Clients have been updated on your scanning station and/or computer. Use the new OnBase 13 desktop icons to access it.
    • Integrations such as FolderPop and data file deliveries have been appropriately updated.
  • Documents in OnBase prior to the upgrade should all be available.
  • Documents n Workflow prior to the upgrade should all still be in process.
  • OnBase Reporting Service installations will be updated manually this week – we will make appointments with the reporting service users.

If you encounter problems with OnBase, please contact the IT Help Center. We will be monitoring tickets very closely and will resolve issues as quickly as possible.

OnBase 13 is compatible with an improved and expanded list of browsers and browser versions. The update list of browsers is available at www.bu.edu/tech/services/admin/document-management/onbase/clients/.

If you wish to update your browser to one of these newer versions that is compatible with OnBase, please also insure that you are not going to encounter compatibility issues with BUworks or Blackboard Learn at www.bu.edu/tech/support/browsers/