The development of web browsers and the implementation of web-based applications do not always run in parallel. For this reason, you will find that certain browsers are recommended, or even required, when accessing particular BU resources. The information below will help you determine which browser versions allow access to the applications you use most frequently. Also provided are instructions for making any required changes to your browser or browser settings.

BUworks – As described in more detail on the Browser & System Requirements page for BUworks, Internet Explorer 11 in compatibility mode (Windows 7 or higher required) and Firefox 31 ESR are the recommended browsers. (Please note that Firefox ESR 31 is not certified to work with OnBase.)

Blackboard Learn – Internet Explorer 10 and Firefox are among several browsers recommended on the System Requirements for Blackboard Learn page.

OnBase – OnBase 17 works with Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 52+, and Chrome 57+. Clients are encouraged to upgrade to the most recent browser version that is available and compatible with all systems they use. More information can be found on the OnBase Clients and Browser or System Requirements page.