Resolved: Currently BU Websites, AV Servers, and Broadcast EMail are degraded to unavailable.

Incident Discovery Time: 03:58pm on 01/23/2014
Time of Resolution: 07:00pm on 01/23/2014

Services Impacted: BUniverse, Web Search, WordPress Websites, Other – see description

Description of Impact

BU-Web Services, WordPress sites, AV Engineering Servers have been restored.

Incident Description and Resolution

IS&T teams have resolved the incident.

IS&T Teams are actively working to restore services.

Next Update will be at 7:45

Clients currently are not able to access BU Websites, AV Servers, and Broadcast mail. There may be other services impacted as well. We will update this post as more information is added.

IS&T Teams are actively investigating this issue.

Next Update will be at 4:58pm.