New Data Archiving Service for Faculty and Staff

IS&T has launched a new, subsidized Data Archiving service which is being made available to all faculty and staff. The service is designed for secure, long-term storage of large quantities of infrequently accessed data. Usually this is data that has intrinsic value and may be hard to reproduce. Typical uses include storage of experimental or sensor data; images, video, and other instrument or sensor data; outputs of simulations, analyses, and other computational research; digital documents and artifacts; unstructured collections of historic, economic, legal, medical, social, cultural, or creative content.

Some of the key features of the service are:

  • You may choose to have archived data hosted in a single data center or replicated across two data centers.
  • Information is available for retrieval 24X7, except during scheduled maintenance periods.
  • Access is managed by you.
  • The service supports access from Windows, Macintosh, and Linux/UNIX platforms.
  • Information can be retained as long as desired.
  • Periodic “snapshots” of the information are taken to ensure data integrity.
  • A no-charge default allocation will be sufficient for many projects, with larger allocations offered at extremely competitive pricing.

Although we anticipate the research community will be the largest consumers of this service, it is being offered to any members of the faculty or staff who wish to archive data related to work for the University.

Please see the Data Archiving page for additional information.