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Samantha Benson — Master of Science in Arts Administration '13

Samantha Benson

"I chose the Arts Administration program at Boston University because it allows me to work in the field while attending school. As a result, I am able to apply what I learn in the classroom to challenges I face at work – in the same week! The City of Boston was also an important factor in my decision. The art scene is so vibrant and active, there is no shortage of opportunities. My most important experience outside of the classroom is the relationships I've built with the help of the Arts Administration Student Association (AASA).."



Jennifer Simmons — Master of Science in Arts Administration '12

Jennifer Simmons

"After working in branding, advertising, finance, and fashion, I wanted to cultivate a different network of people who shared my love of the arts. The Arts Administration program gave me this opportunity and the ability to establish strong relationships in the field. I was able to focus on my specific interest in the for-profit visual arts."

Amanda Coley — Master of Science in Arts Administration '12

Amanda Coley

"Before I began the Arts Administration program, I worked at the Massachusetts State House for two years. While I soon realized politics was not for me, I also learned you do not have to be on stage, either as a performer or a senator, to be part of something larger than yourself. As I had played jazz piano and dabbled in painting for years, I recognized that I wanted to work behind the scenes in the art world. The BU program immediately opened my eyes to an enormous array of possibilities. My first class was The Art World, and I knew from the first day that I had made the best decision of my life. Professor Ranalli taught me how to follow my passion and made a career in the arts a possibility."





Véra Vidal — Graduate Certificate in Arts Administration '11vera vidal '11

"I enrolled in the Arts Administration program at Boston University, after completing my graduate business degree at the Audencia School of Management (France). I was eager to experience American-style pedagogy which combines theory and practice. The program did not disappoint as it provided me with exactly the hands-on experience I needed; in particular, the area of fundraising which is still an emerging field in France. The program also provided many opportunities to build relationships with the leaders of cultural institutions in the Boston area, because several assignments required students to get directly in touch with these people. Thanks to this experience, I quickly found a great internship in Boston!"


Signe Swenson — Master of Science in Arts Administration '11

Arts Administration Student Signe Swenson

"Graduating from Carleton College with a degree in Studio Art, I knew I had a passion for art and the drive to succeed, but something was still missing.  I thought studying Arts Administration at Boston University would provide some answers.  Through my classes, I have acquired a nuanced perspective about the inner workings of the art world and the practical skills required to manage an arts organization.  Factoring in BU’s international reputation, the ability to pursue the program full-time or part-time, and the reasonable overall cost, I knew I had found the missing piece."

Steve Desrosiers — Master of Science in Arts Administration '11

Arts Administration Student Steven Desrosiers

"The Arts Administration program provided me the means to combine my interests in non-profit administration with a lifelong passion for the performing arts. ... the program's flexibility enabled me to juggle school, work, and tours with several local and international world music bands. As an active performer/session player who shares responsibility for managing a band, I was particularly thankful for the Legal Issues in Arts Administration course. What I learned helped my band to effectively negotiate our first overseas distribution deal. I love to Google our band's name, Nomads, and see the results of utilizing principles I learned in the Marketing and Audience Development course."

Ines Hildalgo — Master of Science in Arts Administration '11

Ines Hidalgo

"As an international student, I found the program was just the experience I was looking for: it teaches American management techniques along with the belief that the arts can strengthen communities. In my current position as Head of Cultural Affairs at TAI School of Film and Performing Arts in Spain, I work on developing collaboration agreements with professional art associations, cultural institutions, colleges and universities, as well as facilitating student participation with foundations and festivals."




Annie Houston— Master of Science in Arts Administration '11

Annie Houston

"After spending two years teaching English in Italy and France, and immersing myself in the European art scene, I set some goals: I wanted to examine how arts organizations function, pay my bills while going to school, and apply the knowledge acquired at Boston University to my career in real time. What I got was so much more. My time in the program was replete with endless networking and volunteer opportunitites, as well as classes that focused on both theory and skill development."





Abi Rollins — Master of Science in Arts Administration '10

Abigail Rollins

"One of the many strengths of BU's program is its tight-knit community of students, faculty, and alumni. Whether applying for a job, an internship, or conducting research for a class project, this comprehensive network gives you easy access to people who want to support students during their course of study and beyond. In my current position as General Manager of Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, I routinely find myself tapping into this network. Whether I'm looking for interns with the know-how to keep up with our fast-paced office or reaching out to former professors for insight on a challenging situation, I know I can always turn to the Arts Admin Program at BU to find the support I need."





Erik Johnson — Master of Science in Arts Administration '10

Arts Administration Student Erik Johnson

"The strength of Boston University's Arts Administration Program is derived from the combination of a comprehensive curriculum and the vibrant arts community of Boston. With an undergraduate degree in music business from the University of Saint Thomas (MN) and a background in classical music, I knew the ability to learn and work in the field simultaneously was crucial to gaining a complete understanding of the industry. For anyone serious about a career in the arts, those two elements are inseparable."















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