Arts Administration Degree & Certificate Programs

The programs offered by the Arts Administration Program at Boston University’s Metropolitan College are designed for students who wish to pursue careers within visual and performing arts, as well as related fields, in the public, nonprofit, and commercial sectors worldwide. The following Arts Administration programs are available at BU:

MS in Arts Administration

Boston University’s Master of Science in Arts Administration program is designed for students pursuing professional careers in arts organizations and businesses in all sectors, both domestically and internationally. With flexible pathways to degree completion, students can complete all coursework on a full or part-time basis in one to two years.

Arts Management Graduate Certificate

The four-course Graduate Certificate in Arts Management serves the many practicing and aspiring arts professionals who do not have the time or resources to commit to a full program of graduate study, or who may already possess a graduate degree in another field.

Fundraising Management Graduate Certificate

Offered on campus and online, the four-course Graduate Certificate in Fundraising Management provides administrative, financial, technical, and leadership skills for those seeking careers as professional fundraisers and for nonprofit managers who wish to substantially enhance their ability to raise funds.

Performing Arts Enterprise Advanced Graduate Certificate

Performing Arts Enterprise Graduate Certificate

Offered in partnership with Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment, a leader in global performing arts production and management, the Graduate Certificate in Performing Arts Enterprise provides intensive training in the production cycle of commercial performing arts, with a focus on the Broadway industry. Students have the option to earn an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Performing Arts Enterprise by adding an internship component. International students can be accepted directly into the Advanced Certificate. Internship opportunities can take place in both domestic and international markets.

Recent decades have seen a rapid expansion in arts audiences, practitioners, and institutions. Simultaneously, economic uncertainty in both the public and private sectors has resulted in an increased need for highly skilled administrators that can work effectively with elected officials, business and community leaders, and fellow arts professionals. Boston University prepares students to respond to these factors through a varied curriculum that prepares arts professionals with the skills and knowledge to navigate new opportunities and challenges in the field.

BU’s programs in Arts Administration are specifically designed to accommodate the schedules of working adults. Students will generally be able to complete all coursework on a part-time, evening basis. Time for completion varies in relation to each program. Our certificate programs can be completed in a single calendar year. The M.S. Degree can be completed on a part-time basis in approximately two calendar years. Full-time study toward the degree is also possible. International students are required to attend full-time and should be able to complete the program in 12 months*. Please note that not every course will appear in any twelve-month cycle.

*International students who begin the program in January may need more than 12 months to complete their coursework. Some international students prefer to take more time to complete their studies (16–24 months) and should refer to the FAQ page for suggested options.

To learn more, download the Arts Administration Brochure