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When possible, the following courses should be completed in the first two semesters: AR 690 The Art World and AR 750 Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations.


AR 802 is usually taken in the next-to-last semester of study and AR 803 in the final semester. Students must have completed 24 credits prior to taking AR 803. For information on course waivers, please visit the AR 802 Course Info site.

†† AR 690 The Art World is a prerequisite for AR 778 Legal Issues in Arts Administration, AR 771 Managing Performing Arts Organizations, AR 774 Managing Visual Arts Organizations, and AR 720 Marketing and Audience Development.

^Web Restricted, consent of program required.

# AR 751 is a pre-requisite for AR 753 and AR 754.

‡‡ Students must have completed 24 credits and have two years of full-time work experience in the arts prior to taking AR 804. AR 804 may be substituted for AR 802/803 with adviser’s permission.

International Travel Study courses are a requirement for all domestic students.