Career Resources

The Arts Administration program at Boston University offers numerous career services. Individual career counseling sessions can be made by appointment throughout the yearCurrent students and alumni also receive weekly email newsletters with job postings and opportunities. The program’s internship requirement can also serve as a career springboard.

Office of Career Services Resources

The following is a list of useful job search links from Boston University’s Center for Career Development.

Résumé and Cover Letter

In some initial screening processes, résumés may get as little as 15 – 30 seconds consideration. An effective résumé should attract attentionstimulate interest, create desire, and generate action.

Company Research

Be Prepared! Insider company information, advice, and career management services:


Additional resources for finding the right contact in the right place:

Salary and Relocation Info

How much do I ask for? How much will it cost?

Job Bank

The Arts Administration staff compiles a list of jobs and internships available to current students and alumni. Additionally, here are some useful links to job postings in related arts fields. For a list of resources chosen by Boston University’s Arts Administration students, check out our AASA Career Development page.

Other Important Resources