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“I love this program. The curriculums are great and there are lots of activities. And instructors have rich experience in performing art area. As an international student, I got a lot of help during the year, instructors and staffs of this program are particularly friendly and patient.” Yuexizi Zhang, Current student, Continuing MS Arts Administration

Founded at Boston University’s Metropolitan College in 1993, the Arts Administration Program emphasizes creative problem solving, leadership, globalism, and effective use of current technologies. We are committed to helping arts organizations achieve and sustain their missions in a changing world. We hold a deep conviction that the arts are a critical element in a healthy society, and that the role of arts managers is to nurture environments in which artistic excellence can thrive.

The socioeconomic and political challenges of the day bring renewed importance to the work of cultural entrepreneurs, artists, producers, curators, policy-makers, and arts managers. Effective arts administrators embrace the challenge of re-thinking and re-shaping the role that the arts play in contemporary society. Our master’s degree and graduate certificates prepare our students to play leadership roles in the global arts of the twenty-first century.

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Degree & Certificate Programs

MS in Arts Administration

BU’s MS in Arts Administration degree program is designed for students who wish to pursue careers in visual arts, performing arts, and arts service organizations.

Arts Management Graduate Certificate

The four-course Graduate Certificate in Arts Management serves the many practicing and aspiring arts professionals who do not have the time or resources to commit to a full program of graduate study, or who may already possess a graduate degree in another field.

Fundraising Management Graduate Certificate

Offered on campus and online, this four-course Graduate Certificate in Fundraising Management provides administrative, financial, technical, and leadership skills for those seeking careers as professional fundraisers and for nonprofit managers who wish to substantially enhance their ability to raise funds.

Performing Arts Enterprise Advanced Graduate Certificate

Performing Arts Enterprise Graduate Certificate

Offered in partnership with Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment, a leader in global performing arts production and management, the Graduate Certificate in Performing Arts Enterprise provides intensive training in the production cycle of commercial performing arts, with a focus on the Broadway industry. The four-course certificate is available on campus and online. Students have the option to earn an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Performing Arts Enterprise by adding an onsite internship component that can take place either domestically or in the international market. International students can be accepted directly into the Advanced Certificate.

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