Photo: A man with short dark hair and a beard smiles for a closeup portrait
Business & Economics

Opening Doors: Alejandro Garcia-Amaya (CGS’05, Questrom’07)

Cofounder of the tech company AnswerBite wants to grow the number of Latin American–led tech companies wants to grow the number of Latin American–led tech companies

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Today’s Close-up

Photo: 137 chairs placed in a large open plaza, each with a photo of a hostage attached, set up in rows represent those still being held hostage, or those whose bodies are still in Gaza. A circle of chairs, many with more than one victim depicted on a chair, represent the 113 hostages who have been released.

Bring Them Home Now!

BU Students for Israel, supported by BU Hillel, held an event on Marsh Plaza December 1 called “Bring Them Home Now!” asking the BU community to show solidarity with Israel and demand that all remaining hostages be returned home from Gaza. The 137 chairs, each with a photo, or more than one photo, of a hostage attached, represent those still being held hostage. The circle of chairs represents the 113 hostages released so far. The same day, BU Students for Justice in Palestine held an Emergency Die-In the GSU Link.

Photo by Cydney Scott

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Spotify Wrapped? We’ve got something better. 

It’s just like Spotify Wrapped, but it’s all things BU. ‘Tis the holiday season with Rhett’s BU Wrapped.

Photo: Black and white close up shot of an older, Black women's hands resting on a blanket.
Black Women’s Health

Racism, Sexism, and the Crisis of Black Women’s Health

For nearly 30 years, Boston University has led the largest and longest-running study of Black women’s health, shining a light on tragic disparities and showing women their lives matter

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The Brink
Photo: Group photo of five men sitting and standing. They all hold guitars. From left: Nathaniel Braddock, Brian Barrone, Kumera Zekarias, Erik Broess, and Lance Morrison.

Ax Increase

These guitar-playing scholars are making their mark at the School of Music

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