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Wednesday, September 26th

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A musician performs on the violin in the mountain village of Bendada, Portugal, part of the Bendada Music Festival.Video:

Music in the Mountains

Each year, the Bendada Music Festival, founded by pianist Inês Andrade (CFA’18), enlivens a tiny rural Portuguese village. For eight days, young aspiring musicians practice and perform throughout town and in the nearby hills. Besides the cultural aspect, Andrade hopes the festival will help rejuvenate Bendada and neighboring small villages, which have suffered crises of depopulation and economic stagnation.

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Under a Dismal Boston Skyline, an exhibition at the Stone Gallery through October 28, reexamines a group of practitioners working in the late 1970s and 1980s, collectively known as the Boston School. Graphic design major Evelyn Bi (CFA’22), who says she loves her program, studies a watercolor by Dana Clancy at the opening reception September 13.

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Capturing History

Peek into the letters, photos, and ephemera stored in the collections of the Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center.

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