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Friday, July 20th

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Engineer Douglas Holmes says that art has worked its way into his research.Video:

Bending Is Beautiful

ENG's Douglas Holmes remembers when he fell in love with bendy things. As a physics grad student, he wondered why a sheet of paper curves into a loop when you push the ends together. Now an expert in bendy, squishy, unstable structures, he explains how soft materials may help solve hard problems.

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A selfie is the same in any language, it seems. Somayah Algashgari of Saudi Arabia and fellow CELOP students took a food tour of Harvard Square July 13, getting acquainted and trying some local cuisine as they picnicked in Harvard Yard. BU’s Center for English Language & Orientation Programs teaches English and cultural competence to international students and professionals. Photo by Olivia Falcigno (COM’19)

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BU Clubs

From beekeeping to photography, rocket propulsion to religion, BU has more than 500 student organizations to engage almost any interest. These are just a few.

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