Photo: A large group of young people, likely college students, with bicycles stand on an urban street in Boston University's campus
Campus & Facilities

Reimagining Cummington Mall

Hub Cross-College Challenge class has organized an event for Sunday to promote the street’s potential to be more pedestrian- and bike-friendly

Photo: A picture of people holding up trash bags with items in them

The Weekender: April 18 to 21

Celebrate the budding of spring with an Earth Day block party, help clean up the Charles River Esplanade, or do some community gardening

Today’s Close-up

Photo: Sargent College Rehab Sciences lab manager Zoe Perkins (CAS’21) (right) and a masters in mechanical engineering leads a game of “Simon Says,” to Charlotte Mercer (center) and Kyah McDowell-Nunally, both 13 and eighth grade students to demonstrate how the in-ground force plates in the Human Adaptation Lab work. The two middle schoolers tilt on on leg for the demonstration.

Next Generation of Scientists?

Zoe Perkins (CAS’21) (ENG’24) (right), Sargent College Human Adaptation Lab manager, leads a game of Simon Says for Charlotte Mercer (center) and Kyah McDowell-Nunally, eighth graders in a Leicester Middle School Design and Modeling class, in the Sargent Human Adaptation Lab April 10. Perkins was demonstrating how in-ground force plates work to the students, who were awarded a field trip to Sargent for their work designing a therapeutic toy for a child with cerebral palsy. The middle schoolers also had an opportunity to ask questions of biomechanists, engineers, and clinicians in Sargent and connect their classroom experiences to STEM careers.

Photo by Jake Belcher

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Photo: A picture of a man posing in front of an open door. He is wearing a button down shirt

Do Immigrants and Immigration Help the Economy?

With immigration dominating politics and voter concerns, BU economist’s research shows immigration boosts local wages and that having neighbors of foreign descent can reduce prejudice

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