Justin Goodstein (’18)

Personal Website

Justin Goodstein graduated from the Art Institute of Boston with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. He began working at Historic New England in 2009 as the Lead Digital Photographer, digitizing original print, manuscript, and photographic collections. Currently, Justin works at the Boston Public Library’s Digital Services department as the Principal Photographer. Over the past three years, he has continued his personal photography work, achieving success with an extensive documentary project on Boston’s Haymarket. In 2015, the Boston Globe published a front-page article in the Sunday Arts section about the Haymarket Project, written by the Pulitzer Prize-winning art critic Mark Feeney. Soon after a traveling solo exhibition and movie premiere at Suffolk University, Justin co-authored a book on Haymarket, which was published by Arcadia Publishing.

Following one year in a Master of Fine Arts Program, which fostered a new conceptual approach to his artwork, Justin picked up Gallery Representation. In early 2016, he was admitted to the M.S. Arts Administration Program at Boston University, where he earned the MS in Arts Administration and Fundraising Management Certification. Justin looks forward to expanding his knowledge and interests in the world of business and fine arts management.

What appealed to me about the MS Arts Administration program at Boston University is the professional and practical knowledge about the arts world that one might achieve in this program. There will be great opportunities to network, interact, and connect with a broad, diverse community of artists, scholars and professionals. This community represents a vast array of global culture, artistic mediums and new genres. This is what I look forward to most in this program.