Nolan Awarded Russell Sage Foundation Grant to Support New Research

Professor Nolan’s forthcoming research will focus on three periods of deportation: “Operation Wetback” deportations to Mexico, Drug War-related deportations to the Dominican Republic, and the recent deportations of asylum-seekers to Guatemala and El Salvador.

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Gallagher Co-Authors “The Case for a New Bretton Woods

Professor Gallagher and Richard Kozul-Wright’s book outlines a set of principles for a new multilateralism and a blueprint for change across three critical areas of global economic governance: the international financial system, trade and investment, and development finance.

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Mako Publishes “After the Arab Uprisings

Why were some, but not all the Arab mass social protests of 2011 accompanied by relatively quick and nonviolent outcomes in the direction of regime change, democracy, and social transformation? Why was a democratic transition limited to Tunisia, and why did region-wide democratization not occur? After the Arab Uprisings offers an explanatory framework to answer these central questions.

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