CLAS Hosts Lecture by Juan Carlos Pinzón, Ambassador of Colombia to the U.S.

In commemoration of the bicentennial of diplomatic relations between Colombia and the U.S., Ambassador Pinzón spoke about the history of the countries’ binational relationship, their partnership, and the political challenges that both countries face.

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Diplomats and IR Experts Discuss Prospect of a Second Cold War

During the “Beyond the Headlines” event, David Malone – Rector of UN University and Under-Secretary-General of the UN – Professor Min Ye, and Ambassador Jorge Heine discuss UN Security Council structure, expansion, and reform as well as what factors might lead to a second Cold War.

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Gallagher and Springer Argue for Renewed U.S.-China Collaboration

“Although U.S.-China relations are in a current freeze, the anniversary of Nixon’s visit to China merits reflection on how initiatives like B3W and the BRI could set a new tone for the next 50 years of US-China relations.”

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