Pardee School Graduate Students Visit UN and Diplomatic Missions in NYC

Students received a guided tour of the UN headquarters and visited four missions and a number of dignitaries where they learned about how much these states use the potential that multilateralism offers and what they do to overcome challenges stemming from their limited resources and inbuilt perception of their secondary role in global affairs.

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Garčević Discusses EU Enlargement and Regional Challenges for Western Balkans

Ambassador Garčević argued that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was a moment for the EU to radically re-evaluate its stagnant enlargement process; he proposed that Brussels develop a multi-step EU integration process, creating intermediate goals before the full inclusion into the Union,

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Garčević Leads Discussion on Russia’s War in Ukraine

Ambassadors Volker and Garčević spoke in detail about the situation in Ukraine, the American and NATO approach to the conflict, and elaborated on potential lasting repercussions on the globe, including energy and food crisis, relations between China and the United States and Europe, the future relationship of Moscow with Europe and the West, and much more.

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Garčević & Storella Join Panel on Russian Foreign Policy in the 1990s

All speakers agreed that in the first half of the 1990s, Russia acted as a world power that harmonized its interests with the other powers and shared the responsibility for global peace and order. However, Garčević noted that as time went on, the feeling grew among the Russian hardliners that this policy didn’t bear fruits.

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CSE Hosts Lecture with EU Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarčič

With the explosion of demand for humanitarian aid – from Ukraine and elsewhere – how can the international community more effectively respond? Commissioner Lenarčič argues that there are three main actions that should be taken to strengthen global humanitarian efforts.

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Garčević Comments on Appointment of New U.S. Ambassador to Montenegro

While individual appointments don’t change the U.S. policy towards the region, Ambassador Garčević argues it is excellent news to have a professional diplomat who knows the Balkans very well, especially since this is the first time since 2008 that Washington will appoint an experienced regional expert as its top diplomat in Montenegro.

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