Heine Publishes Op-Ed Arguing for Greater Recognition of Active Non-Alignment

“Suddenly, a war erupts in Europe, and this means that all bets are off, and all countries should chip in to support Ukraine. Yet, as India’s External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar has put it, ‘Europe has to grow out of its mindset that Europe’s problems are the world’s problems, but the world’s problems are not Europe’s.'”

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Maggie Toombs (BA/MAIA ’23) Shares Story of Her Graduate Research in Serbia

Maggie recently traveled to Belgrade, Serbia with the help of the Pardee School’s Gilman Travel Grant. As she describes it, “The way this has enhanced my research and helped me develop skills in interviewing, interpersonal relations, as well as networking has provided an invaluable educational experience and inspired me to begin planning my next trip as soon as possible!”

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Heine Breaks Down Latin American Foreign Policy and Preference for Non-Alignment

Heine builds off of the argument developed in his recent book, in which they argue for the adoption of active non-alignment in Latin America. This would mean steering clear of siding with either of the big powers in the current conflict between the United States and China and focusing strictly on Latin America’s own interests

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Storella Interviewed Ahead of Zelenskyy’s Address to U.S. Congress

President Zelensky will have a delicate task appealing across the aisle for ongoing military aid to Ukraine. To do so, Ambassador Storella predicts Zelensky will likely deliver his appeal in terms of enduring American and western values, making clear that Ukraine’s struggle is not just for the people of Ukraine but for the values the American people hold dear, as well.

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Najam Discusses Impact of Nobel Peace Prize in “TRT World” Interview

In discussing the ceremony and the ethos of the Nobel Peace Prize, Professor Najam highlighted that the Peace Prize is fundamentally different from all the other Nobel awards because it is given not only for past achievements but even more as a symbol of future aspirations. “In this aspect, the Peace Prize is essentially political.”

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