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Heine Unveils Developments in Gaza

In his piece for The Conversation, Professor Heine examines the UN's "humanitarian truce" resolution on the Gaza conflict, exposing the stark division in voting. With 120 countries in support and 14, including the U.S. and some EU members against, Heine asserts the Global South's influential criticism of Western support for Israel, marking 2023 as a pivotal year for this assertiveness. More

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Garčević Discusses Montenegro’s Transition

In the aftermath of Montenegro's recent political transition, Professor Garčevic shared insights into the formation of the new Montenegrin government. He highlighted the challenges it faces in maintaining Montenegro's commitment to Euro-Atlantic integration, emphasizing that significant foreign policy shifts might not be on the horizon. More

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Hare Advocates for a Stronger United Nations

In his November 6, 2023 article "Can We Save the United Nations? We Means All of Us," Professor Hare advocated for a renewed United Nations. He highlighted the growing challenges and waning commitment of major powers, emphasizing the need for collective action and stronger engagement to address global issues effectively. Hare's call for UN renewal resonated with readers worldwide. More

Heine on Diplomatic Gaps in Latin America

In a recent Miami Herald article, "Diplomatic Gaps in Latin America," Professor Heine discussed the repercussions of prolonged ambassador vacancies in key Latin American nations, including Guatemala, Haiti, Colombia, and Peru. The absence of confirmed ambassadors created diplomatic challenges, potentially signaling U.S. neglect in the region and impeding the pursuit of national interests. Both the administration and the Senate shared responsibility for these delays, affecting bilateral relations. More

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