Year In Review: 2022 Highlights from the Pardee School

In 2022, the Pardee School went through numerous big changes, welcomed new members to our community, and set the stage for a period of substantial progress as we approach our second decade as stewards of global studies education at BU. As the New Year approaches, we want to highlight some of the biggest stories and moments from the year. 

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Pardee School Hosts Celebration of Retiring Professor Goldstein

Following a lecture by Professor Goldstein on the Congress of Vienna, the restoration of cultural objects after war or periods of great devastation, as well as how this practice of cultural restitution has also served as public diplomacy, colleagues and friends came together to celebrate the retiring professor and longtime international relations leader at Boston University.

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Queen Elizabeth II, Her Legacy, & What’s Next for the British Monarchy

During this Beyond the Headlines, Boston University diplomacy, history, and global affairs scholars and practitioners explored how the late Queen reinforced the monarchy within Britain, how she shaped public perception of the monarchy, the role she played in colonial governance and decolonization, and much more.

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