Woodward’s Book Published

Former CIA officer and Pardee Professor John D. Woodward, Jr., explored the history of intelligence in “Spying: From the Fall of Jericho to the Fall of the Wall.” This comprehensive study, drawing on the late Professor Arthur Hulnick’s work, delves into espionage from ancient times to the Soviet Union’s dissolution in 1991, with a special focus on the American experience during the Revolutionary War to the Cold War’s end.

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Heroic Espionage: Richard Fecteau’s Story and Cold War Conference

Espionage, covert operations, and heroism were at the forefront on September 21, 2023, during the conference titled “Clandestine Operations Against China During the Early Cold War.” The conference was convened by Prof. John Woodward, in his capacity as a Pardee Center Faculty Research Fellow. Delta Phi Epsilon, the BU chapter of the International Business and…

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Wippl Publishes Book Review on the Process of Spy Recruitment

Joseph Wippl, Professor of the Practice of International Relations at Boston University’s Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies, published an article in the International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence reviewing The Recruiter: Spying and the Lost Art of American Intelligence by Douglas London. In the review, titled “Successful Case Officers: Chameleon Meets the Confessional,” Wippl praises…

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