Pardee School Hosts Celebration of Retiring Professor Goldstein

Following a lecture by Professor Goldstein on the Congress of Vienna, the restoration of cultural objects after war or periods of great devastation, as well as how this practice of cultural restitution has also served as public diplomacy, colleagues and friends came together to celebrate the retiring professor and longtime international relations leader at Boston University.

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Longman to Oversee BU’s New Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Studies Major

The HGHRS program, which includes an existing minor and a graduate certificate program, will closely and critically examine the Holocaust and other genocides in the context of modern history and culture, focusing on racism, anti-Semitism, nationalist ideologies, and other causes of genocide. The human rights component will look at the role of international conventions on human rights and international courts in responding to genocide.

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Lukes Publishes “History and the Post-Truth Era

In his latest publication, Lukes studies the Czech history of the 20th century with its disasters and myths as well as today’s political problems in the United States, Russia, and globally. He argues that history does not repeat itself, but with a sufficiently critical and value-based perspective, we can reveal our own mistakes and stereotypes, and find parallels between the present and the past that are not obvious at first glance.

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