With more than 800 undergraduates, the Pardee School is a substantial and diverse center of global and international education within a liberal arts and sciences framework and, with its 125 graduate students, it offers one of the largest graduate international affairs programs in the United States. Pardee School programs offer a special blend of academic and practical applications, a deep commitment to interdisciplinary study, opportunities for serious study of relevant languages and study abroad, and a multidisciplinary curriculum that enhances students’ holistic knowledge of global and transnational affairs.

Undergraduates in the Pardee School pursue the BA in the College of Arts & Sciences through any of the School’s five majors, including International Relations with various emphases, as well as Asian Studies, European Studies, Latin American Studies, and Middle East & North Africa Studies. Students can also obtain minors in the aforementioned areas and in African Studies, Muslim Societies, or Muslim Cultures.

The School’s graduate program offers six graduate degrees and two certificates. Students can choose from MA degree programs in International Affairs, Global Policy, International Relations (One-Year) and Latin American Studies. Additionally, they can pursue one of two dual degree programs combining the MA in International Relations with the Master of Business Administration or the Juris Doctor. Certificate programs are offered in African Studies and Asian Studies and can be completed in conjunction with graduate degrees either within the Pardee School or in other schools and departments at BU.