Grimes Unveils Asia-Pacific Insights in Published Article

Professor William Grimes, along with Dr. Yaechan Lee and Dr. William Kring, published an article on financial cooperation in the Asia-Pacific. Analyzing emergency liquidity provision mechanisms, they explored the intricate dynamics among major economies, shedding light on uncertainty during currency crises. The research, supported by the Japan Foundation, marks a significant contribution.

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Lung Yingtai’s Insightful Discourse

On September 18, 2023, Pardee School of Global Studies’ Center for the Study of Asia at Boston University hosted a captivating and exciting signature event, A Look Inside: Taiwanese in a Time of Cross-Strait Crisis with Lung Yingtai, Taiwan’s former Minister of Culture, that provided valuable insights into the intricate challenges facing Taiwan today. This…

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Pardee School Faculty Explore Trends in Global Democracy and Democratic Decline

In recent years, global patterns have emerged that threaten to undermine democracy – election denialism, the emergence of nationalist regimes, and the removal of democratically elected governments to name a few. A panel of Pardee School professors commented on these trends in their regions of study as well as the implications for global democracy.

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