Heine Breaks Down Emergence of Second Cold War

“There’s a growing consensus that we’re facing a Second Cold War…It’s a notion that I’ve held since at least 2020. At the time, [this position] was criticized by several colleagues, who saw it as premature, considering that there was only a commercial-technological conflict, but without ideological-military overtones. It’s now becoming increasingly apparent that the conflict does have the latter elements.”

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Mehrling Offers Insight on the Life of Charles Kindleberger & Global Dollar System

Professor Mehrling discusses the findings of his latest book, why Charles P. Kindleberger thought the world needed a “key currency,” how the United States Federal Reserve grew to support the dollar as it took on that role, as well as why the dollar system has proved so resilient.

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Gallagher & Kozul-Wright Discuss New Book and Future of Global Economics

In drawing parallels to the original “Bretton Woods moment,” Gallagher argues that the world finds itself “at the 1944 point;” we are in the midst of a proxy war, and due to the increasingly globalized nature of the global economic system the world is reeling from one financial crisis after another. As Gallagher argues, “we already made our mistake in 2008. The time to act is now.” 

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