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Fewsmith’s “Mao’s Road to Power: Revolutionary Writings: Volume IX & X” Published

Mao’s Road to Power consists of translations of Mao Zedong’s writings from 1912 to 1949; this final volume in the series, Volume 10, covers the period from the Chinese Communist Party’s Strategic Offense during the Civil War to the Establishment of the People's Republic of China. More

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Garčević Publishes Paper on Role of Serbian Orthodox Church in Western Balkans

While the political importance of the churches has noticeably decreased over time, in Orthodox countries such as those in the Western Balkans, the church remains a significant actor and is inextricably linked to both politics and state power. Garčević and Morrison explore why the SPC remains a potent force in public and political life today.  More

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Hare Coedits Handbook of Diplomatic Reform and Innovation; Pardee Colleagues Contribute Chapters

Diplomacy is now a neglected global issue; this text seeks to not only identify current problems diplomacy is facing but also identify some practical options for reform and innovation. More

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Brulé Examines How Climate Crises Alter Women’s Political Representation

"Not only can climate change induce migration, but, I argue, climate shocks...can also destabilize gendered social systems...initiate political transformations... [and[ compel women to mobilize—as representatives and their supporters—to redirect local and national political agendas to respond to the vulnerabilities exposed by climate shocks." More

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Karra Publishes Article on Measurement of Unmet Need for Contraception

"We argue that our indicator of unmet need is preferable to existing population-level indicators due to its independence from biases that are generated from the use of reported preference measures, the simplicity with which it can be derived, and its relevance for cross-country comparisons as well as context-specific analyses." More

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Grimes and Lee Publish Article Exploring Impact of South Korea’s Developmental Legacy

Professor Grimes and Yaechan Lee show that in times of economic stress, the NPS has shifted its investments to support state objectives of financial stabilization rather than profit maximization, demonstrating the ways in which developmentalist legacies live long after their official mandates have changed. More

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