Welcome to the Boston University
Center for the Study of Asia

Boston University’s Center for the Study of Asia, established in 2008, promotes comprehensive, interdisciplinary, and cross-national understanding of Asia through coordination of teaching missions, research support, community-building among faculty and students, and broad outreach beyond the university. It strives to be an intellectual hub for new ideas and cutting edge research in the humanities and social sciences. The recent integration of AsianArc (BU’s Asian Archaeology & Cultural Heritage Research Initiative) enhances our capacity to live up to this role. The Center also facilitates communication and cooperation among the different Asian Studies sub-fields; provides an administrative structure for raising and managing grants that support the Center’s mandate; maintains the Asian Studies website; provides collaborative affiliation opportunities for Visiting Researchers; develops and manages conferences and cultural events; and works to expand access to Asia-related resources across the university. The Center is part of a broad and diverse Asian Studies community across New England with strong ties to other universities, museums, nonprofit organizations and private entities, as well as Asian government agencies.

Annual Theme for 2017-2018:
Asia’s Cultural Heritage

We are delighted to announce that the 2017-2018 annual theme for the BU Center for the Study of Asia is Asia’s Cultural Heritage. Through a wide variety of events and exhibitions, we will highlight four aspects of Asian cultural life: the Art of Letters, the Art of Light, the Art of Ritual, and the Art of Movement and Sound. Our events in all four of these areas are designed to engage with the BU community to deepen our appreciation and awareness of Asian cultural traditions as they unfold in all of their richness and diversity. The events will highlight different Asian cultural traditions, their interactions, and their impact at BU and in Western societies. While there is much to celebrate, we aim also to raise awareness of the increasing threats to both the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Asia, as well as international collaborative efforts to protect this heritage for future generations. We hope that Boston University faculty and students and the larger community will join us at these different events, and suggest ideas for future events. Culture a living process—together we can make this a joyous and memorable celebration of Asian traditional and living cultures.   

The Art of Movement

The Art of Letters
Sept. and Oct. 2017

The Art of Light
Nov. and Dec. 2017

The Art of Ritual
Jan. and Feb. 2018

The Art of Movement
Mar. and Apr. 2018

These events are being organized and presented with many different cultural and institutional partners from across Boston and New England. Details will be available on the BUCSA website as they are finalized, and will appear also in the BUCSA calendar, so check back often! We look forward to your participation in what promises to be a busy, joyous, and intriguing celebration of Asia’s cultures and traditions.