Heine Comments on New Latin American “Pink Wave”

Ambassador Heine argues that as a second Cold War rears its head, a policy of Active Non-Alignment "may provide a useful guide to channel the foreign policies of Latin American nations, at a time of a changing international system, and as the region’s need to re-establish its presence in world affairs is especially urgent." More

Corgan Internship Grant Recipients Share Their Summer Experiences

From Dubai to France to London, our students' internships are pathways to gain on-the-job knowledge, expand their worldview, and further their career aspirations. The Pardee School caught up with some of the inaugural recipients of the Michael T. Corgan Internship Fund to discuss their career goals, the internships they've secured, and the impact of the Corgan Fund.  More

Heine Discusses Summit of the Americas on “CGTN

While Ambassador Heine is still hopeful that something can come of the Summit, he argued that the Biden administration's failure to drastically change its policy approach to the region from that of former President Donald Trump has compromised inter-American relations.   More