Undergraduate Programs

Metropolitan College offers a wide range of bachelor degree completion programs in convenient, part-time evening formats—ideal for busy professionals who seek to earn a Boston University degree without turning their personal lives upside down or putting their careers on hold. Along with self-paced programs in a variety of majors, MET also offers the structured, two-year Accelerated Degree Completion Program—leading to bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science or Management Studies—and an online Undergraduate Degree Completion Program.

A variety of undergraduate certificate programs provide the opportunity for focused study in a specific subject. Certificates can work into select degree programs at MET, offer breadth to current studies, or build professional skills and knowledge.

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Accelerated Degree Completion Programs at BU MET

Accelerated Degree Completion Program

The Accelerated Degree Completion Program (ADCP) is uniquely designed to match the energy and talents of individuals who have risen in their profession without having completed their bachelor’s degree.

Types: Degree, On campus

Bachelor of Liberal Studies in Art History

Art History, Bachelor's Degree

The Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS) in Art History at BU’s Metropolitan College combines study in the humanities and social sciences, and complements the natural sciences. The bachelor’s degree program prepares students for careers at museums, galleries, educational institutions, and architectural and planning firms, as well as publishing and municipal or state cultural programs.

Types: Degree, On campus

BU Metropolitan College Bachelor of Science in Biology

Biology, Bachelor's Degree

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biology provides fundamental knowledge in biological and related sciences. Students learn to appreciate the unity and diversity of living systems and gain an understanding of basic biological principles and processes.

Types: Degree, On campus

Biomedical Laboratory & Clinical Sciences from Boston University MET

Biomedical Laboratory & Clinical Sciences, Bachelor's Degree

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biomedical Laboratory & Clinical Sciences prepares students for jobs and careers in the fields of biotechnology and clinical research.

Types: Degree, On campus

Biotechnology Undergraduate Certificate

Biotechnology, Undergraduate Certificate

The Undergraduate Certificate in Biotechnology is designed for professionals looking to acquire additional skills and knowledge in one of Massachusetts’ strongest growth industries.

Types: Certificate, On campus

Boston University Metropolitan College Business Management Undergraduate Certificate

Business Management, Undergraduate Certificate

Designed for those who need to update or obtain new skills in specific business areas. Advance your career with a Certificate in Business Management from Boston University Metropolitan College.

Types: Certificate, On campus

Clinical Research Undergraduate Certificate from Boston University MET

Clinical Research, Undergraduate Certificate

The Undergraduate Certificate in Clinical Research trains health professionals to contribute to the design, conduct, and analysis of clinical trials.

Types: Certificate, On campus

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Degree

Computer Science, Bachelor's Degree

Computer Science programs & information technology (IT) courses for a more rewarding career. Also offered in an Accelerated Degree Completion format of evening & weekend courses.

Types: Degree, On campus

Certificate in Computer Science

Computer Science, Certificate

The Certificate in Computer Science provides students with the skills necessary to become part of a C++ or Java development team.

Types: Certificate, On campus

Criminal Justice degree program at Boston University Metropolitan College

Criminal Justice, Bachelor's Degree

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Criminal Justice provides general knowledge of the methods and theories of social science, along with a specialized understanding of criminal activity, policing, corrections, criminal court procedures, and social policy as it relates to crime control.

Types: Degree, On campus