Develop a Strategic Approach to Global Marketing

Amidst an ever-evolving social and economic landscape, commercial enterprises are constantly adapting their global marketing strategies to ensure that they are strategically positioned for growth. The Master of Science in Global Marketing Management (MSGMM) at Boston University’s Metropolitan College (MET) prepares you to excel within companies seeking qualified, creative decision-makers with the marketing and research expertise to combine proven techniques with innovative, and digital approaches to reach the international arena. Brands that are thriving, despite the pandemic, are solving immediate needs in people’s lives, providing information, services, and connection to their audiences, including individual consumers and commercial businesses. How do you create value for market players and global society in times of uncertainty? How do you respond to fast-changing, often unpredictable market trends around the world, while maintaining clear communication with diverse, well-informed, and highly digitalized consumers? How can you gather market data for international market selection and marketing strategy development? How do you make the maximum use of digital technologies and platforms? How can you navigate shifts in global marketing and content strategies? How should you reassess budget allocations, channel investments, as well as managing new remote work dynamics? These questions are the focus of the MS in Global Marketing Management at BU MET.

Program at a Glance

  • Top 10 Online Program
  • Online and On Campus
  • Part-Time or Full-Time Study
  • 40 Credits
  • 12–20 Months to Completion
  • Tuition & Fees Range—Part-Time Study*: $37,600–$39,300

*Based on 2024–2025 Boston University tuition and fees. Merit scholarship may reduce cost.

Advance Your Career in Global Marketing Management

Offered on campus and online, BU MET’s Global Marketing Management master’s program is designed to develop your understanding of international business, economics, market research, and culture; build your capabilities in qualitative and quantitative analysis; advance your understanding of the roles of digital platforms and social media in marketing strategies; and enable you to gather and analyze primary and secondary data for market selection. Along with a solid academic core in marketing, the program offers state-of-the-art courses in areas with a critical impact on the field—including ecommerce, digital marketing techniques, market research and data analysis, finance, project management, and product and service development.

Using business simulation, website design, and business analytics tools, you will enhance your understanding of market research, decision-making, and the advanced marketing techniques needed to excel in the global marketing field. Along with skills in critical and innovative thinking, communication, and project leadership, you will benefit from a well-rounded understanding of the cultural, financial, geopolitical, and international economics issues that affect activities and strategies related to international commerce and importing/exporting.

BU’s MS in Global Marketing Management curriculum qualifies you for a variety of competitive careers. Our graduates have job titles such as international marketing manager, international market research manager, international market research analyst, market research analyst, brand manager, customer development manager, consultant, marketing specialist, project manager, global brand specialist, production reporting manager, sales manager, customer service director, social media executive, marketing strategist, international trade specialist, graphic designer, and digital marketing specialist, among others.

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#6, Best Online Master's in Business Programs (Excluding MBA)

MET’s online master’s degrees in management are ranked #6 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report for 2024.

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“…when one of MET’s kind advisers explained to me the benefits of studying the subject here, I was convinced. MET not only offers expert faculty with real-world experience, but in addition to the core courses to the Master of Science in Global Marketing Management program, elective topics, like Python, risk management, and supply chain management, allowed me to tailor my education to my preferences.”Yifan Ding (MET’19), Global Adhesive Sales Manager, Shanghai Banzan Macromolecule Material Co., Ltd.

Why BU’s Global Marketing Management Degree is Ranked in the Top 10

  • Active Learning Environment: BU MET’s Global Marketing Management program focuses on practical, hands-on education, ensuring you are immersed in all aspects of global marketing—education you can apply on the job.
  • Career Counseling: MET’s Career Development office and BU’s Center for Career Development offer a variety of job-hunting resources, including one-on-one career counseling by appointment for both online and on-campus students.
  • Engaged Faculty: In BU MET’s Global Marketing Management master’s program, you benefit from working closely with highly qualified faculty who draw from active research and substantial professional achievements in areas such as marketing strategy, relationship management, information economics, digital markets, international business and trade, ecommerce, marketing analytics, data mining, and more.
  • International Perspective: To enhance skills in leadership, logistics, and cross-cultural communication, several online courses are offered with BU’s international partner universities in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Interact directly with peers and professionals at some of the world’s top business schools, participating in management and marketing classes, discussion groups, and projects conducted by partner university professors.
  • Extensive Network: Study principles of global marketing management alongside peers with solid business experience, learn from faculty who have valuable business contacts, and benefit from an alumni community with strong professional connections.
  • Complimentary Analytics Labs: Two levels of self-paced analytics laboratories offer access to advanced tools and provide opportunities to hone analytics skills using cases that are populated with realistic data.
  • OPT Designated: Eligible graduates on student visas have access to an Optional Practical Training (OPT) of 12 months.
  • 15:1 Class Ratio: Enjoy an exceptional student-to-instructor ratio, ensuring close interaction with faculty and access to support.
  • Valuable Resources: Make use of Boston University’s extensive resources, including the Center for Career Development, Fitness & Recreation Center, IT Help Centers, Mugar Memorial Library, the Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground, the George Sherman Union, and many others.
  • Flexible Options: Study at the pace that works for you, evenings on campus or fully online. Courses begin fall, spring, and summer; online courses have two starts per term.
  • Track Record: Learn from the best—since 2014, BU MET’s part-time master’s programs in business and management have been ranked among the top in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.
  • Merit Scholarships: US citizens and permanent residents are automatically considered during the application process and nominated based on eligibility. Learn more.

Master the Principles of Global Marketing

Offered through BU MET’s Department of Administrative Sciences, the MS in Global Marketing Management core curriculum provides a solid academic foundation in global marketing management principles, including financial concepts, project management, decision-making, and the development of products and services. Degree specialization courses provide a global perspective on ecommerce, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), data mining, market research and analysis, and a variety of cultural, financial, geopolitical, and international economic factors.

Course content in the Global Marketing Management program is constantly redeveloped and updated, based on changing industry trends, to build effective soft and hard skills using multinational business cases. The program is ideal for career-changers, early- or mid-career professionals who want to advance up the job ladder, and globally focused leaders who need better international business and marketing skills to improve their business and marketing strategy development and management. Those with no work experience are welcome to apply as well.

Graduate with Global Marketing Expertise

Metropolitan College’s Global Marketing Management master’s degree will equip you with the ability to:

  • Analyze the global marketing concepts and test application of the latest digital marketing tools and techniques.
  • Develop qualitative and quantitative research utilizing data analytics to measure, analyze, and optimize global marketing strategies.
  • Create a strategic plan, launch, and execute global marketing campaigns.
  • Understand the importance of behaving ethically in their professional lives.
  • Be effective leaders and communicators.
  • Demonstrate problem-solving skills, supported by appropriate analytical and quantitative techniques.

Access to Self-Paced Analytics Laboratories

As a student in BU MET’s Global Marketing Management program, you have free access to hands-on analytics preparatory laboratories offered through the Department of Administrative Sciences. Our self-paced laboratories (SPLs) are organized in two levels:

  • Level 1 consists of the following two required or recommended prerequisite labs. Open to all MET students, Level 1 labs include Pre-Analytics Laboratory (AD 100) and Introduction to R for Business (ADR 100).
  • Level 2 comprises intermediate knowledge-based labs where students learn how to work with professional tools or approaches, or to introduce professional software applications not covered in the graduate program but used in the industry. The two new laboratories for this academic year are: Business Analytics Tools and Applications (AD 200) and Business Analytics with R (ADR 200).

In these specially-designed SPLs, you will be exposed to cloud-based educational tools, software applications, and databases, along with pre-recorded internal and/or external tutorials, lectures, and video-conferencing. You will have the flexibility to build your own path through the learning units and to proceed by completing assignments in a “learn and test yourself” mode—at your own pace. Upon successful completion of an SPL, you earn a standardized, digitally verifiable badge.

Certificate-to-Degree Pathway

BU MET graduate certificate programs can serve as building blocks to a master’s degree. The Graduate Certificate in Global Marketing Management shares specific courses with the master’s in Global Marketing Management program, giving you the option to take the certificate on your path to a master’s degree. Students currently enrolled in a graduate certificate who are interested in transitioning into a master’s degree should contact their academic advisor to declare their interest in this pathway. A new master’s degree application is not required. Connect with a graduate admissions advisor at to learn more about this option.

A total of ten course (40 credits) is required.

All students must satisfy the degree core courses, specialization courses, and electives as indicated.*

Students who already hold the Graduate Certificate in Global Marketing Management may waive two specialization courses.

With appropriate advanced planning, you can use degree electives from your Master of Science in Global Marketing Management to satisfy up to two required courses in an Administrative Sciences graduate certificate program—leaving only two additional courses to be completed in order to receive a graduate-level certificate.

Degree Core Courses

(Four courses/16 credits)

Specialization Courses

(Four courses/16 credits)

General Electives

(Two courses/8 credits)

Select two additional Administrative Sciences graduate-level courses (8 credits) with advisor’s approval. Graduate-level courses may also be selected from other Metropolitan College departments or other Boston University schools and colleges, with an advisor’s approval.

The following are some of the elective courses allowed with advisor approval:



Global Business:

Basic Statistics:

Project Management:

Digital & Neuromarketing:


*Degree requirements may vary for those students transferring credits from previous coursework at Boston University or receiving course waivers due to professional designations.

Global Marketing Management Faculty

Tuition & Financial Assistance

Competitive Tuition

Our part-time rates are substantially lower than those of the traditional, full-time residential programs yet provide access to the same high-quality BU education.

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Comprehensive Financial Assistance

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BU MET programs offer the flexibility of part-time or full-time study, either on campus or online. Tuition, fees, and total program cost are determined by enrollment status. If you enroll in 1–2 courses (4–8 credits) in a semester, you are charged the part-time per-credit rate. If you enroll in 3–4 courses (12–16 credits) in a semester, you are charged the full-time semester rate.

MS in Global Marketing Management (Online and On Campus)

Enrollment Status Part Time Full Time
Courses per Semester 2 courses
(8 credits)
4 courses
(16 credits)
3 courses
(12 credits)
Time to Degree 5 semesters
(20 months)
3 semesters
(12-16 months)***
4 semesters
(16-20 months)***
Tuition* $550-$975
per credit**
per semester
per semester
Fees per Semester* $60 $478 $478
Total Degree Cost* $37,600–
$75,486 $105,399

*Based on 2024–2025 Boston University tuition & fee rates.
**Cost per credit is determined by course number (100–599 = $550/credit, 600–999 = $975/credit).
***Summer semester enrollment is not required for international students to maintain F-1 visa status. Enrollment in summer semester coursework will expedite completion of program and reduce total program cost.

International students seeking an F-1 visa for on-campus study must enroll full time and demonstrate availability of funds to cover the Estimated Cost of Graduate Study; those who wish to study online may enroll part-time but are not eligible for a visa. Learn more about International Student Tuition & Fees.

Questions? Please contact us to hear from an Admissions Advisor who can help you determine the best enrollment pathway. For information regarding financial aid, visit BU MET’s Financial Aid page.

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Please visit the BU MET admissions page for details on how to apply, financial assistance, tuition and fees, requirements for international students, and more.

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