The Boston University Metropolitan College Podcast

On the MET Makes Conversation podcast, Boston University Metropolitan College (BU MET) faculty lead substantive discussions regarding real-world challenges. A platform for thought leaders throughout the community to share their academic expertise, the podcast offers listeners academic perspectives on vital matters of the day, as well as insights into solutions. As an opportunity to apply the College’s knowledge towards the world’s practical difficulties, MET Makes Conversation is BU MET’s new voice.

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MET Makes Conversation brings together thought leaders from across Boston University’s Metropolitan College to share their academic and applied perspectives in leading substantive discussions on matters of the day.

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Episode 1 – Meaningful Change: Meeting Demands for Police Reform & Racial Accountability

The Movement for Black Lives has brought greater public attention to calls for racial justice and reform across law enforcement and penal systems. In this episode, BU MET Criminal Justice professors Shea Cronin and Danielle Rousseau, along with retired professor Mary Ellen Mastrorilli, examine institutional and organizational reform efforts and offer solutions to the practical challenges they face.

Episode 2 – Managing Risk in Global Supply Chains

Few consider the complex functions and operations of a supply chain—until it’s interrupted, and goods and services are delayed. That is the inspiration for this discussion with subject experts Canan Gunes Corlu, BU MET supply chain management professor and program coordinator, and Barry Lynn, president and founder of Supply Chain 411 Corp and member of the MET Supply Chain Management Advisory Board.

Episode 3 – The Increasing Need for Project Managers to Focus on People Skills

Communication skills, the ability to build relationships, positivity, and even a good sense of humor are qualities that recruiters are looking for when hiring project managers. In this episode of MET Makes Conversation, Metropolitan College project management lecturer Richard Maltzman and student Farrah Aversano discuss the rising emphasis on these “power” skills, as projects become more complex and automation simplifies planning and scheduling processes.