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Advanced Information Technology (IT) Graduate Certificate

Advanced Information Technology, Graduate Certificate

Advanced Information Technology Graduate Certificate at BU MET. Fast track your career with information technology certification. Also available online or in a blended format.

Types: Blended, Graduate, On campus, Online

Applied Business Analytics

Applied Business Analytics, Graduate Certificate

Available online and on campus, the Graduate Certificate in Applied Business Analytics provides comprehensive coverage of data analytics concepts, techniques, and state-of-the-art tools used in the process of data-driven business decision-making.

Types: Graduate, On campus, Online

Applied Sustainability Graduate Certificate

Applied Sustainability, Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Applied Sustainability is a unique interdisciplinary look at what it takes to make urban and economic development compatible with the natural environment.

Types: Graduate, On campus

Arts Administration Graduate Certificate

Arts Administration, Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Arts Administration serves the many practicing and aspiring arts professionals who do not have the time or resources to commit to a full program of graduate study, or may already possess a graduate degree in another field. This certificate may be of particular interest to experienced professionals in related fields who are considering a career change.

Types: Graduate, On campus

BU Metropolitan College Biotechnology Undergraduate Certificate

Biotechnology, Undergraduate Certificate

The Undergraduate Certificate in Biotechnology is designed for professionals looking to acquire additional skills and knowledge in one of Massachusetts’ strongest growth industries.

Types: On campus, Undergraduate

Boston University Metropolitan College Business Management Undergraduate Certificate

Business Management, Undergraduate Certificate

Designed for those who need to update or obtain new skills in specific business areas. Advance your career with a Certificate in Business Management from Boston University Metropolitan College.

Types: On campus, Undergraduate

Clinical Research Undergraduate Certificate from Boston University MET

Clinical Research, Undergraduate Certificate

The Undergraduate Certificate in Clinical Research trains health professionals to contribute to the design, conduct, and analysis of clinical trials.

Types: On campus, Undergraduate

Computer Networks, Graduate Certificate

Computer Networks, Graduate Certificate

The certificate in Computer Networks offers a broad foundation in information technology, along with an in-depth exploration of computer data communication and modern networking.

Types: Graduate, On campus

Certificate in Computer Science

Computer Science, Certificate

The Certificate in Computer Science provides students with the skills necessary to become part of a C++ or Java development team.

Types: On campus, Undergraduate

Criminal Justice Undergraduate Certificate

Criminal Justice, Undergraduate Certificate

The Undergraduate Certificate in Criminal Justice provides a comprehensive and in-depth study into the critical areas of the justice system—police, courts, and prisons.

Types: On campus, Undergraduate