Pardee Center Accepting Applications for 2023 Graduate Summer Fellows Program

Open to all BU graduate students from all Schools and Colleges, the Graduate Summer Fellowship offers graduate students from across BU an opportunity for intensive interdisciplinary research and writing on topics aligned with the future-focused research interests of the Pardee Center.

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Pardee Center Kicks Off Spring 2023 Global Health Politics Workshop

In presenting her findings from research on barriers to treating high viral load (HVL) HIV/AIDS cases in Malawi, Dr. Ann Swidler outlines her experiences in Malawi and called on global health infrastructure to tailor their global policies more specifically to individual countries. 

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Year In Review: 2022 Highlights from the Pardee School

In 2022, the Pardee School went through numerous big changes, welcomed new members to our community, and set the stage for a period of substantial progress as we approach our second decade as stewards of global studies education at BU. As the New Year approaches, we want to highlight some of the biggest stories and moments from the year. 

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Heine Appointed Interim Director of the Pardee Center

Upon announcement of his new role, Ambassador Heine stated, “I have always been a future-oriented person, and being appointed director of the Center, even if only on an interim basis, is a great privilege. At a time when the world is in turmoil, it is especially important to ask the big questions that need to be asked as to which way we are going, and that is what I plan to do.”

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Pardee Center’s IHI Hosts Northern Ireland Scholar for Lectures on Brexit

Dr. Michael Potter – Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Ethnic Conflict at Queen’s University Belfast and a member of the Research Service of the Northern Ireland Assembly – provided background information on the situation in Northern Ireland and explained how Brexit created significant political difficulties for the country.

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Pardee Center Concludes 13th Graduate Summer Fellow Session

The Pardee Center’s 13th class of graduate summer fellows examined the representation of China during the COVID-19 pandemic, the history of philosophy by extremist far-right groups, trends in cyber threats and the public policy effects of the evolution of cyber warfare, and much more.

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