Garčević Discusses EU Enlargement and Regional Challenges for Western Balkans

Ambassador Garčević argued that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was a moment for the EU to radically re-evaluate its stagnant enlargement process; he proposed that Brussels develop a multi-step EU integration process, creating intermediate goals before the full inclusion into the Union,

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Garčević & Storella Join Panel on Russian Foreign Policy in the 1990s

All speakers agreed that in the first half of the 1990s, Russia acted as a world power that harmonized its interests with the other powers and shared the responsibility for global peace and order. However, Garčević noted that as time went on, the feeling grew among the Russian hardliners that this policy didn’t bear fruits.

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Garčević and Najam Participate in 15th Summer School for Young Diplomats

Professors Garčević and Najam joined 47 young diplomats from 32 countries as well as 35 lecturers from Europe and the United States to discuss complex issues of contemporary international affairs such as the war in Ukraine, NATO expansion, and global climate change.

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Schmidt Discusses EU Socioeconomic Governance on ETUI/ETUC Panel

Professor Schmidt’s presentation explored the impact of the COVID-19 recovery strategy on the potential reorientation of European Union economic governance and whether this leaves room to maneuver and implement progressive social reforms as well as increase the democratic legitimacy of the EU (in contrast to the Eurozone Crisis of 2011)

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Pardee Center’s IHI Hosts Northern Ireland Scholar for Lectures on Brexit

Dr. Michael Potter – Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Ethnic Conflict at Queen’s University Belfast and a member of the Research Service of the Northern Ireland Assembly – provided background information on the situation in Northern Ireland and explained how Brexit created significant political difficulties for the country.

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