Rethinking European Identity: Insights from Kundnani’s Book Talk

Center for the Study of Europe explored the intricate layers of European identity during Hans Kundnani’s ‘Eurowhiteness’ book talk. This discussion challenged conventional narratives, shedding light on the historical roots of European identity, its complex evolution, and the influence of colonial motivations. A thought-provoking exploration that left an engaged audience reevaluating established perceptions.

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CSE Hosts Lecture with EU Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarčič

With the explosion of demand for humanitarian aid – from Ukraine and elsewhere – how can the international community more effectively respond? Commissioner Lenarčič argues that there are three main actions that should be taken to strengthen global humanitarian efforts.

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Queen Elizabeth II, Her Legacy, & What’s Next for the British Monarchy

During this Beyond the Headlines, Boston University diplomacy, history, and global affairs scholars and practitioners explored how the late Queen reinforced the monarchy within Britain, how she shaped public perception of the monarchy, the role she played in colonial governance and decolonization, and much more.

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Schilde Named Jean Monnet Chair in European Security and Defense

As the Jean Monnet Chair in European Security and Defense, Professor Schilde will further the Pardee School’s agenda of preparing students to meet the international challenges of the 21st century through a rigorous and sustained presentation of the EU as a global power with responsibilities over European security, international order, and global security.

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CSE Lecture Explores Faith-Based Responses to Migration Challenges

Global experts discuss the role of faith-based actors in the areas of forced migration and humanitarian issues, ways in which religion offers both motivation and resources to tackle these challenges, as well as how religion and politics intersect to address migrant crises. 

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CSE Hosts Event on US-UK Relationship After Brexit

W. Scott Lucas, Professor Emeritus of American Studies at the University of Birmingham and an associate of the Clinton Institute at University College Dublin, discussed on the irrationality of Brexit, the UK’s relationship with the U.S. and the EU in the aftermath of Brexit, as well as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s tactics on the economy, Scotland, Ireland, and more. 

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