Pardee School Faculty Explore Trends in Global Democracy and Democratic Decline

In recent years, global patterns have emerged that threaten to undermine democracy – election denialism, the emergence of nationalist regimes, and the removal of democratically elected governments to name a few. A panel of Pardee School professors commented on these trends in their regions of study as well as the implications for global democracy.

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Queen Elizabeth II, Her Legacy, & What’s Next for the British Monarchy

During this Beyond the Headlines, Boston University diplomacy, history, and global affairs scholars and practitioners explored how the late Queen reinforced the monarchy within Britain, how she shaped public perception of the monarchy, the role she played in colonial governance and decolonization, and much more.

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Diplomats and IR Experts Discuss Prospect of a Second Cold War

During the “Beyond the Headlines” event, David Malone – Rector of UN University and Under-Secretary-General of the UN – Professor Min Ye, and Ambassador Jorge Heine discuss UN Security Council structure, expansion, and reform as well as what factors might lead to a second Cold War.

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International Affairs and Public Health Experts Explore Efficacy of Vaccine Diplomacy

Pardee School professors Kevin Gallagher and Mark Storella were joined by Nahid Bhadelia, founding director of BU’s CEID and Associate Director at BU’s NEIDL, to discuss the efficacy of vaccine diplomacy throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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