Najam Keynote Addresses Issue of Communicating Climate Crisis to the World

Professor Najam highlights that while extreme events like the recent floods in Pakistan do attract national and international media attention, the world still lacks a public vocabulary to convey the severity of the climate emergency to public audiences, particularly in developing countries.

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Najam Discusses Global Costs of Climate Change During UN Keynote

Professor Najam argues that sufficient funds have not been allocated from the most developed and polluting countries of the world to address pressing climate justice demands, and the ongoing costs are being borne by the world’s poorest people who are least responsible for climate change.

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Najam Keynotes Conference on “The Post-COVID Political Agenda”

Drawing on lessons learned from the Pardee Center’s “World After Coronavirus” series, Dean Najam highlighted that COVID has alerted us to constantly interrogate the meaning of ‘normal’ and that the world before COVID was itself full of challenges and turmoil that have, in many cases, taken on new dimensions because of the pandemic.

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