Access to BU Resources

The University has streamlined the hiring process to provide a fast, easy, and consistent way for managers, and HR to onboard new employees. Upon successful approval of the hire form an automated email invitation is being sent to the new employee to create their BU login name and Kerberos password. We are providing clearer email communications for new hires to enable early provisioning for faculty/staff prior to start date.

Once these two credentials are created the remaining “birthright” privileges are activated. Birthright privileges are what every BU employee is entitled to regardless of organizational unit or role at the university.

Every BU employee is entitled to the following birthright privileges:

  • BUID – Short for Universal Identification Number, it is a unique and persistent user identifier assigned to BU faculty, staff, students, and affiliates for life
  • BU Login and Kerberos Password – Your BU login name and Kerberos password are used to confirm your identity across most computing resources at the University
  • Exchange mailbox – The University’s Microsoft Exchange server offers comprehensive email and calendaring services to faculty and staff
  • Wireless/VPN Access – The wireless network is the most convenient method of connecting to BU resources with your laptop or mobile device
  • Representation in AD – Department specific privileges (refer to your IS&T or local technical support resource)
  • Skype for Business – IS&T offers a rich set of real-time collaboration services, including web conferencing and online meetings, through BU’s implementation of Microsoft Skype for Business
  • Access to SAP Employee Self Service (ESS) – The on-line portal for employees to access to their personal records, review/plan/record time, view benefits and pay and update banking information. Access to ESS is manually added the day after the employees first day of work.

For more information on employee available resources please visit: